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Daygame Lay Report: "Latina Hottie" (with req'd booty pic)

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Yo what’s up I am new on the forums though ive been lurking on here for the past couple of months. Writing thith up in hopes it makes me a thexthi pants. First a little intro I started Jon’s training back a few months ago while in the middle of 5 month drought.  I can say not only am I ecstatic with the results but it has been even more life changing then I could imagined before going through it. Im gonna write up a longer more in depth review after the holidays of the entire training. This is write up is about what just happened to me this past Saturday.

I woke up horny after I good night out Friday but didn’t close. I mean HORNY. So I get up at around 10 and immediately get into my drills and naturally the drills + horny lead me to thinking about sex and the type of sexy times I intend to have on this Saturday afternoon. Soon enough I've narrowed it down to how I'm going to pick up a girl and have her give me some road head while I am driving us back to my place so she can fix us up some sandwiches.

Now I’m not the biggest day gamer in the world but I had time some time so I said fuck lets go use the new drill Ive been practicing (conviction). I head to the mall and immediately I’m in my head. My past issues from daygame creeping up again I start to think to myself the following thoughts.

A. I walk around the mall for 1 hr to do 2 sets due to lack of sets

B. Feel like i am wasting time due to the above

C. Could be doing something more productive

D. Lots of pressure to open every set since there isn’t a lot of sets.

In the past id have just gone home, these days fuck that. Ive been listing to tolle recently that this time I know let me just try to really feel my body and get present. From there I start opening some sets.

I am now three hours into this daygame session but time just flies by when you’re present and focusing on actually doing something like working out the drills and stories infield vs just approaching without a plan. It’s much more rewarding. You feel like you’re out actually working on something vs just going up to girls and trying to come up with shit on the spot with no direction. DAYGAME IS FINALLY FUN!

So as im talking to one girl I see this other girl with the kind of ass that makes you fall in love, just walking by. Im like I need to open that.

So I just say nice to meet you mid-sentence and shake her hand and I am off to open the new girl.

I approach her and immediately in with the state drill –conviction-and some chores. After about 15 min of flirting and her giving me those bambi eyes I say we lets get ice cream and she is says she is down. Cool have her wrap her arm around mine and walk out the mall to my car and as soon as we are in the car I put my hand on the back of her neck and pull her in for the make out. We make out for a bit and I grab her hand put it on my dick. She doesn’t move it but she also doesn’t grab my dick. So I start to massage her tits she and she gives me this playful look and says ice cream. I start the car and start driving around. Stopped at a stoplight I use a line I just picked up from our beloved manwhore “Give me your lips” back into making out and this time I pull my cock out and she doesn’t hesitate unbuckles her seat belt and starts giving me head. I wish I could say I was thoroughly in the moment and enjoying this beautiful girl giving me head but I could not thinking about calling my shot from the drill in the morning. So take that as a lesson. Take the training become wizard who can see the future.

She makes me cum while driving so I park and start to finger her to repay the favor. She is so wet and horny and tells me she wants me inside her. Im like damn I drove around for 15 min and couldn’t find a quite spot for a BJ. Pressure is on now. So eventually I park behind some martial arts dojo and they have a huge trash container that I can fit my car behind for extra privacy. Its not broad daylight but the sun hasn’t gone down either. Remember boys a car is longer then it is wide. I lay the front seat all the way down and fuck her in my car. 

Really awesome considering how far I come since I started the training. There are so many places I would have fallen off the track before. In the past I probably would have just gone home at the first sign of being in my head. Another big thing is I had great deal of emotional dependency on wings. Where now I’ve had my best run of success mostly doing pick up by myself daygame and nightgame. I wouldn’t have allowed myself to escalate so fast during the day before. Really cool to see how much these drills change you.          

Pic of said ass. 

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awesome, thanks for writing

awesome, thanks for writing it up! 

Love how you went for the girl you're more attracted to, especially considering it's daygame so she might be busy soon or married etc.

Crazy stuff with the visualization.

I'm getting obsessed with the drills lately, so to have your formula (as a chick put it beautifully last week for me:) "we need more horny" haha


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Awesome brother. Did you

Awesome brother. Did you physically escslste in the mall?


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