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Hey bro, so I've been following your 60-day challenge pretty much since you started. I've missed a few but I've been going on RSD to catch up with them there.

In a recent post on there you talk about how whenever you feel emotional, you HAVE to meditate. How this really clears things up for you. You said something like you WOULDNT be able to continue this successfully if it weren't for your ability to meditate, and how you do it twice a day now.

Well, not to sound gay or anything, but I truly admire the work you're putting into LIFE man. Because let's be honest here we all know that this isn't some compartmentalized area of life that's not going to effect other aspects of our lives. You've already mentioned how you killed your job interview because of this, and i feel like your tenacity is seeping it's way into making you want to KILL your startup position.. Anyway not to digress-

Honestly, you have really inspired me to improve myself and to stop pussyfooting around. To go out when i dont feel like it. Approach girls who im nervous to approach, and most of all, to BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

I see your reports and you have days when you felt like shit... i felt like that last night. But it's like you just admit that you felt that way, meditate, write it out and move on. Without giving yourself ANY self doubt.

Basically dude, I'm wondering if you could share HOW you do what you keep emphasizing- meditation.

I feel like you touched on this before maybe, but is there anywhere you went where you first learned? Like a step-by-step guide on how to do it?
I know it's supposed to be emptying your head and allowing gaps of "no mind" and whatnot, but sometimes im not sure if I'm doing it right.

As of right now, as manwhore's friend mentioned, sitting down for 20 minutes and thinking about "nothing" seems like a chore to me rather than an enlightening, centering experience as Im sure it does for you. If you could break down your process and how exactly you go about it, I'd love to try it out ASAP

I just feel like im shooting in the dark right now
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Re: Dear Buddhagames

Holy shit, man. I literally just did NOT see this.

Wow. I really appreciate everything you said here, man. It's honestly, really cool to hear that what I'm doing is inspiring others. Like, that's not WHY I'm doing it but I love people and I hope that everyone can succeed as much as they can, so if I can add to that, even if it's just like 0.00001%, that's friggin AWESOME. I just have this life philosophy that everyone deserves to kick ass and it's like I can only hope that whatever success I have in life will only inspire others to do THEIR thing... wtvr that "thing" is. People will hate but that's just a bi-product of being awesome... the real superstars will see success and be INSPIRED by it.. so I know you're a champ man and it's really really great to hear feedback like this. Humbling man. Really.

Anyway- about the whole meditation thing...

Well, I initially found out about it through a mentor of mine a long time ago. I actually went to the "San Francisco Zen Center" and had some monks there teach me how to meditate. It's really nothing complicated but basically...

I bought a cushion and a little mat to put my cushion on and.. twice a day, I sit my ass on that cushion. After sitting my ass down on the cushion, I sit, back erect and feet in a quarter lotus position (I'm not super flexible and kinda gave up on the yoga stuff once I got to ny lmao) and drape my hands down and I actually place the back of my left hand on the palm of my right hand so that it creates a "circle" kind of- it has a lot of "deep meaning" or wtvr, in buddhist philosophy... but, practically, it's a good place to bring your attention back to... I JUST BARELY touch the tips of my thumbs together and so when I'm coming back to the present, a lot of times I come back to that touch and if my thumbs are drifting apart, I touch them slightly and readjust.. etc.

Uhmm... so then I just continually come back to my breath, or the present moment or my body or the feeling of tension in my body (wherever that may be) for 30 minutes.

Here's what I would do if I were you- just do it.

Like just sit for 30 minutes in that position and DONT WORRY if you're not "doing it perfectly"... like literally... just do it and start doing it every day... the more you do it the more you will "naturally" get better at it. So, in the beginning, just don't worry about anything... it's a process, just like pickup.... the most important thing is that you just DO IT... and then from there, as you start to do it every day, over months and years you will naturally get deeper into your practice and learn to adjust things and it will just come to you.

Also- you can just "google" search a "Zen Center" near where you live and go there. DONT pay money for that shit- any halfway legit place will ONLY accept donations. If they are making you pay for it- leave.

So go to a zen center that only accepts donations and ask one of the guiding teachers or monks there to help you out. Tell them you're new and haven't done it much but that you want to learn.

These guiding teachers and monks are legit some of the kindest, most compassionate, most hardcore dudes you will ever meet. They will be MORE THAN HAPPY to talk with you, teach you and anything you need they will be there for you.

They are legit though, so I mean they won't ALWAYS be there for you but when you NEED it- they will be there. TRUST. The really seasoned monks (like the ones who have been doing it for 20+ years) are so fucking attuned to people it's actually scary (probably way more so than even super advanced pooah guys) like they just cut through any "front" you are putting on and totally "get you" without you having to say a word, it's a VERY humbling experience to be around people like this.

SO yeah... that's it.

Just do it- it's not super complicated and the most important thing is to not think about whether you're doing it "right" and rather just to do it.

Appreciate this post man. Stay up.

It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great- Manwhore

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