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I would start by reading the

I would start by reading the front page that has the “text game guides”. Generally those are all pull reports, so you know it was done properly.

also, post an example so you can get feedback, as the question is pretty vague 

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Hey bree was cool meeting you

Hey bree was cool meeting you last night. Went to atomic it was packed. Did you get into anything else afterwards?

Hey Paul, it was nice meeting you as well. We went to one other bar in IL, I stayed for a few mins or so then headed home.

Me - Yeah your family was a fun group to be around lol. What bars did y'all hit up in the ill area?

Her - Lol.
I'm at movies right now with my family, not sure the name of the bar it was...

Me- Oh yeah you watching the black panther at that rented out theatre how was it?

No reply and i am trying to transition the date to friday we agreed in person.

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Then heres one was being a

Then heres one was being a bitch ill put that part

Her- how old are you
Me - im 100 how.about you
Her- not funny
Me- jk im 30 how about you
Me-sent hangover cat meme next day you alive later on she replied
Her-Yep still here, just trying to figure out if you’re immature or just have sense of humor of a 21 year old.
Me - Not sure how I can't say im either of those really. How was the rest of your night?
Her - it was good
Me -There was a big line when i was at the mall for black panther have you seen it?
Today me - Hustling to make some extra dough on presidents day.

No reply

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Paul what are you still doing

Paul what are you still doing here 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

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Trying to learn get help and

Trying to learn get help and get my texting game fixed

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Bullshit. You've been here a

Bullshit. You've been here a couple years now and haven't attempted to learn shit, you come back with the same nonsense over and over again. You are not entitled to women. If you cannot put forth any effort to learn and understand them, you do not deserve them. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Dude I been there and still

Dude I been there and still kind of struggle with this, albiet by a different way, but it's all the same shit tbh

​Like Manwhore said, you aren't entitled to women just because you were born male. If you can't communicate with a woman

​like a Man, then you don't deserve them.

​A Man is in tune with and attempts to understand the world around him and the people in it, including women.

​So, that being said, you have to really study the text thread on this forum and try to put yourself in that kind of mindset, where ​you are seeking to understand.

​You're sitting there texting trying to wing it, like on some really lazy shit like she should really respond to you "Just because". 

​Sigh. I felt that way too. Out of pride and ego. Like WHY should I put forth soooo much effort into getting this one little girl, by actually putting myself in her shoes, trying to navigate her emotions and pretty much leading her to my intended outcome. Doesn't ​she have the brains to see that what I'm sending her is GOLD "Just because".

​My general mindset is like this, and this is what works better than anything else so far for me:

​MOST Women are like cats, ESPECIALLY through text. If you charge right at them, they will run away. If you give off any 

​sign of wanting to "capture" them, they will run away. It has to all seem like it's her choice. It's all about the set up. Getting her to react to your moves.

​Women, like cats, can only be drawn to you if you DANGLE something in front of them, but in such a way that you're not trying ​to capture them. Then they on their own volition go ahead and try to obtain the object you are dangling in front of them.

​That's just a small part of it though. Women care a whole lot about their self-image, they are totally wrapped up in themselves and ​also depend on the world around them to tell them who they are. Therefore, you have to make your communication INTRIGUING by tying in THAT aspect of their psychology/ego to your messages. 

When you can make the cat WANT something from you, the cat is "investing" in you. When you can make the cat come to you it's it's ​also investing in you.  

​What I outline below is simply intriguing her, making her kind of put her self-image in doubt, breaking it down a very tiny slight bit and then building it up again, but in the direction I want it to go in, while totally negating any, ANY distrust on her part. She thinks she's in ​control ;)


Me: Omg

Her: ?

​Me: Lol. What you were wearing last night

​Her: What about it

​Me: Nothing. It was interesting. It kind of reminded me of something

​Her: Really? Like what
Me: Idk if I should tell you

​Her: Tell me
Me: Can you take it if I tell you

​Her: Just tell me

Me: Ok (Then I stop texting for a while) 

​Her: Well?

​Me: Sorry, I had to take this work call (like 20 minutes after her last text)

​Me: Where were we? Oh yes

​Me: What you were wearing reminded me of something this girl I met at the exact same bar wearing.

We had such a great night, made love. It was awesome. I liked everything about her, and she liked everything

​about me. Something happened though

​Her: Oh wow. What happened?

​Me: I had to cut her off

​Her: Why?
Me: She ended up not being who she said she was. I like women who are adventurous, fun, spontaneous, open-minded

​and know how to treat her man. She was faking most of those qualities, just to get into my pants. It worked for that. But thats it

​Me: As you know, most guys are controlled by their dicks. Hot girl, looks nice, fucked me good the first night and thats

​enough to make them stick around for a bit. She was smart enough to know that all that wouldn't be enough though, so she

​made believe to be what I like just so I can stick around after

​Me: I caught on fast though. I let her go

​Me: I just hope you continue being who you were last night, you were very cool and someone I could see having a great time with

​Me: Even though you're a bit of a brat :P

​Her: Hahahahaha. I am NOT a brat :P

Her: YES, I hate when people pretend to be something they're not. Turn off

​Her: So you just came up to me because I was wearing the same outfit as her?

​Her: Lol

​Me: I didn't notice until I got closer and we spoke a bit, I don't really look at clothing unless you're coming out like a slob lol. Then

​I kind of don't see you. By the time I noticed what you were wearing you already caught my full attention and sparked my interest

​with your personality, voice and overall swagger. I enjoy confidence in a woman

​Me: Outfit is nice too though ;) 

​Me: You definitely seem to have the qualites I listed above. I don't know about the last the one though

​Me: Do you know how to treat your man?

​Her: Omg thank you! Yeah I'm definitely all those things for sure

​Her: You aren't so bad yourself. You came up to me so confident and at first I was like wtf is this lol sorry

​Her: But you're really cool

​Her: Yeah I can treat you very well as long you treat me well

​Me: Thats what it's all about ;)

​Me: I'm taking a spin in about 30 minutes, maybe I'll grab a couple of quick drinks and call it a night. Come with. I have to see you again

​Her: Ok

​Me: Text me your address

​Her: I'll text it to you when I'm ready 

​Me: Ok :)

​Now, this isn't what most guys would think is "Alpha" style, asshole game. This isn't even sexual game or anything of the sort. It's fucking CHEESY. This shit is corny but it gains compliance, investment through intrigue and making her wait for me and getting the girl to qualify herself.  When I go for the kill  I do not put sex in the equation at all, I say "call it a night" and kind of allude to drinks by saying "maybe" because it makes it seem like you're not trying to get her drunk and fuck her. 

​In old school PUA lingo you are inducing investment and intrigue through TENSION loops in the initial texts. Then you are going into qualification and a slightly DHV story, then you're kind of giving her an identity to live up to thats condusive to your outcome (adventurous, obedient etc) and all in all you're making her come to you, without her realizing it. 

​It's not funny, it is charming kind of, it's definitely smooth shit but at the end of the day, you must understand the STRUCTURE and HER EMOTIONS behind it. 

​Yeah, this is the Game. You have to fucking play it or get the fuck out and stick to jerking off dude. No way around it. 



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Well what is the best way to

Well what is the best way to learn this crap? That isnt really something i can just come up top of my head. People say i can do value text/meme then text a little then soft/hard close?

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Value giving text/meme is

Value giving text/meme is great but not the only way. THINK ABOUT THE WHY AND THE HOW.

​Why the FUCK does a value giving text/meme work? Is it because it's funny?

​Yeah. But why is it "value giving"? Because it's STIMULATING and requires no fucking investment on her part apparently.

​When you take the social conditioning route of hitting a girl up with BLAND and BORING conversation, you sir, are fucking
​trying to TAKE value from her. 

​HOW? Because you are offering her NO STIMULATION and YET you REQUIRE a response from her. Why should the bitch fucking
​respond to you? 

A value giving text/meme works because it's STIMULATING. When a woman is STIMULATED, she wants to PARTICIPATE.


​For initial texts, something short and likely to stimualte is your opener. THINK. This is more of a mindset you have to aquire. 

​"How is this affecting her?" 

​You have to have intentions behind your actions. Like you gotta think a little crafty and hit her emotionally, without undue investment
​on your part and from a position of power.

​So, you're toying with her basically.


​Send her something short and stimulating that doesn't make you look like a loser.

​Then when she replies, fuck with her a bit, make her chase it. Through fucking with her some more. 

​HOW do you fuck with her? By not giving it all away so fast, making her work for it a bit.


​I'm here fucking with this girl from a postion of power, she will do as I want her to do, but in order to inspire, I must make her prespire.

This means you make her sweat a little bit, you make her earn and work for it a little bit, and only ONE person can sweat here, and it's NOT gonna be you.
​Like at all. This shit isn't work. It's fun. And she's going to REACTING to YOU. That is the entire point. 

​If she doesn't earn or sweat for you or crave you, you are complete dogshit to her. She feels nothing. To make her feel something she must invest.

​Another way of looking at it is you cut her, but you don't just keep cutting and let her bleed. You cut her and then you bring the bandaid.

​Cutting = Making her invest and qualify herself/breaking her down
​Bandaid = Approving of her/building her back up again

​Little tiny cuts, little investments, little bursts of stimulation, followed by EARNED approval and comfort.

​This shit is so hard to understand when you're just trapped in your head thinking that girls should just fall on your lap. When you get lied to and think it's
​all about "Natural Game". 

​Well, what I'm saying IS Natural Game. This is Game. Naturals THINK this way. They cut and give the bandaid after. 

​Guys think HEY, let me be myself and text the girl some stupid shit.



​Hell no.

​You saying that you have to learn this "crap" is why you don't get it. You have no love for the Game. You just want it easy. Ha. It only gets
​easy once you go through the learning curves and hardship. No such thing as learning Game without pain and confusion. 

​Come on dude, get it together. I don't even know you and can tell from your posts right now that you're extremely hard headed. Decide right now if
​you're gonna actually put in the effort to take on the MINDSET that I told you about or if you're going to spin your wheels until you finally give up or

​Your choice. Make the right one man, please.