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Well if it was a solid

Well if it was a solid interaction it doesn't really matter 'cuz they'll be waiting for a text from you. But if you've still got to build up some value or she got amnesia e.g. it was a typical girls' drunk night out then yeah it should be something snazzy. In which case it depends on the context of the situation but usually I'll craft something that makes her laugh, reminds her of the time we spent together, and isn't needy in any way. No questions, nothing "asking" for an answer back, only compelling an answer back like being silly accusatory and prompting her to respond back to defend herself.

But when in doubt 'cuz you don't have those skills you can always send a kick ass meme 


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Joined: 09/17/2016
Well i guess my interactions

Well i guess my interactions arent solid because i keep getting women ignoring or flaking no matter what it seems. This girl from online i set date up twice she had ignored me on day of date. I didnt build compliance i think but how much of that do i need to do?