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I tend to fall into these nasty little moods a few times a day and I want to make them less frequent. I listen to Tolle and I like becoming present and achoring myself on good emotions, but sometimes if my mind is running a million miles per hour it can be tough. What I've found believe it or not is my vocal drills have a MASSIVE impact on my state. Something about speaking the words out loud and framing myself and my life as amazing makes me feel really good, and when i'm speaking my mind can't intervere. For example, I can prize myself in some vocal drills and I will feel that feeling of "enough".

Is anyone using some sort of affirmation regime, and I mean words spoken OUT LOUD? I thought affrimation were too abstract for a while but it seems to be working for me right now. I'm sure Manwhore already understands the concept at play.

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I imagine they're repetitive?

I imagine they're repetitive? You need to flesh out the common thread/pattern, trace it back to its origin belief system/past experience and rewire that shit. 


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