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Yo just wanna shout out that love is a lifestyle and that its important to be extremely aware of the energies around you and people you associate yourself with.  "Should and Should Not" do not have a place in self-love.  Self-love doesn't care if its your father or if its the bum on the street, you deal with each person the way that you would treat yourself and that should be with self-love, anything else is crazy.  One cannot be in self-love and be in an emotionally tied up situation.  Self-love means you do not sacrifice your own happiness for ANYTHING, because that is polluting the world and disrespecting the universal spirit.  That's why when you aren't in self love, problems arise, its just the way it IS.


“Cleverness devoid of wisdom is extremely dangerous and destructive.
Enlightenment consciously chosen means to relinquish your attachment to past and future and to make the Now the main focus of your life.  Through allowing, you become what you are: vast, spacious. You become whole. You are not a fragment anymore, which is how the ego perceives itself. Your true nature emerges, which is one with the nature of God"
- Tollester

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Brilliant. Self-Love is


Self-Love is incredibly important.  Get into the habit of practicing self-love in when you're most vulnerable.  The moments after waking up or before falling asleep.  Speak to yourself and apprecaite all your qualities.  "I love you.  You're an amazing person.  You are awesome.  You are compassionate, confident, charismatic.  I love everything about you."  Speak deeply and from your heart.  This gives you amazing power in your life.

All these self-help teachers out there preach that you should stop critisizing others and only think positive things about others.  But 'going' to do these things results in effort and crashes.  All you simply need to do is harbor Self-Love, then stopping critical thoughts and 'thinking positive' of others occurs naturally.

Not only that, but wealth and abundance flow to love.

Great post, thank you.

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This is totally my newest

This is totally my newest mindset, I treat myself right before anyone else. Not in a selfish way, but I don't sacrifice my health, success, time, etc. for other people unless I am intentionlly trying to be generous.