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Joined: 02/01/2019

Rsd had deleted all pickup videos, closed their site down, and changed their channels from rsd.

many other PUA's too like Tom Torero, the rest will probably follow.

Game needs to go underground again, a lot of history and information was lost. Consider trying to advertise your site manwhore to fill the gap, but I suggest making it more private, like invite only with a password, because it may be targeted next.

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Joined: 07/18/2018
Was observing all of this go

Was observing all of this go down and I actually think this site's marketing is exactly where it needs to be for the current climate. 

While (in my opinion) the image is not suited for mainstream audience, I think this site attracts guys who want to make actual change, are willing to take action, and are also able to look past the image the mainstream wants to project onto game. Who's going to come after this site, and what would they say? It's, as shameless as images get on the spectrum, yet anyone willing to look past will see the depth of content.

I think this is overall good for the community as well, with less mainstream attention and monetization it will be less attractive to coaches that want to prey on people through half-ass gimmicks. The paradgims being spread around are in dire need of maturation (too many guys I talk to preach mass approaching etc..) The net effect will be positive, instead of "yeah bro! let's pimp it, fuck these bitches" men and women can actually learn to communicate and understand each other.

This is a commentary on the material I've seen from other companies and heresay from PUA circles in my city, the content on this site has always been on point.