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Joined: 01/31/2012

I am noticing some interesting things happening when I go out now -- upon opening a GORGEOUS british girl last night, maybe 5 secs in she just blurts out without even thinking "You're different .... I like you." And, it's like you can see that the whole world for both of us disappeared besides us. Nothing else mattered. It was effortless. Of course we were going to like each other. DUH lol. 

Another crazy thing happen while I was at a strip club. This super sexy asian girl, she walks up to me, and looks at me. but hasn't spoken.. and I can tell she's intimidated, but not in a bad way. So very softly, using my voice I lean in and just matter of factly say "It's okay ... you don't have to be intimidated." STRONG eye contact into her eyes. I'm leaning in so she can feel me even though we aren't touching each other. All she can say is "I ...... I ........ I just need to hug you." We hug and embrace each other. Me: ... I know. I like you too. I screened for what time she got to work but looks like she just got in. Fuck. Maybe I should've tried to pull but I just grab the number. 

Maybe this isn't that crazy for ya'll but for me my mind is just like holy shit lol - these girls are melting on the spot. Legit so pumped to go out tonight! 

Joined: 01/18/2012
Noooooiice! Yaaaaaaaaasz.

Noooooiice! Yaaaaaaaaasz. Finally! 


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