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99.9% of my lays thus far have come from pulling out my dick at times where the girl was either
physically warmed up, or from basically brute forcing (NOT rape btw, can't believe these days I have to make that clear).
Brute forcing is when I got impatient so I basically jerked off and came on the girl, rather than taking my time and getting laid lol. 

​I'm tired of pulling my dick out, yes, one can say that is a form of enticing/compelling, but I've realized that a
way to develop more of that REAL deep self-love is to kind of "perform" my way into enticing/compelling the girls to escalate on me. 

​NO, I am NOT scared to escalate. In fact, that is like my main tool to get laid. Well, was. I am getting MUCH better at getting into these
​girls minds/hearts. 

​They need fucking TIME to get comfortable, most of the time. End of. 

​Now, leading to the dick pulling out that I usually do, what do I do correctly when I'm not 'brute forcing'?

​I talk, but not more than is necessary. This idea in RSD where you should just talk and talk and talk is okay for getting over a hump,
​but after a while, especially on day 2's where most lays happen anyway, talking just makes you very likely to say stupid ass shit. Over
​talking is equivalent to overselling and can be misinterpreted in all kinds of unfavorable ways. Basically, I calibrate HOW MUCH TO
​TALK, and usually, listening more works better for me, although not always. It depends. Have to go out to get that intuition. As a rule
​though, being controlled is best. You are the "doser", and you must control the DOSING you give them, and the dosing is constant, and
​dosing can also mean NOT giving them a dose of something (energy, volume of voice, attention, intent etc) at any given time. This is how to think about that real smooth, real precise calibration. Yes, it's micromanaging. Yes, it's tactical, but it's necessary.

As a rule though, the general demeanor, especially on a day 2 is to have almost a facial blankness about you, but with a very positive, very genuine, small smile. Listening to her with 110% of your attention like that builds some DEEP and powerful rapport with her, which makes her extremely comfortable sleeping with you. It's when I try to fucking SHOW them that I'm this "High Status" man that I fuck it up, thats not for me to let her know, thats for her to SEE, as I am BEING that. Of course, have fun and be expressive, but when you are coming from that calm, almost blank expression by default, you are much more powerful and trustworthy, because you're not out
​there frantically and maniacally selling yourself, like a shitty, overhyped product. You're there giving her space to connect with you. It's a small inkling of genuine positive intention, with a small smile inside, while listening, but at any moment, when it's called for you, can
​go into any form of DOSING that you feel like, to stimulate her into compliance.

​Game is pretty much played in comfort. 

I also don't kiss them for no reason. I do it at an emotional high point, where they're being stimulated by something I did (usually
​something bad to someone else lol, changing that kind of now). I once robbed a guy on a date and used the wild eyed expression
​on the girls face to escalate. I knew straight away she would like that though, not all of them do lol.

From there, I've been doing smaller acts of stimulating her to segway into makeouts. Not only does it make them more likely to go with it, it makes it much more electrifying for them. That, or right after passing a major shit test that she thought was going to knock my head off, I go forward and boldly take the kiss from them, because at that point, they belong to me, for that moment in time at least. 

​The final things I did right was having good excuses for going back home. My favorite for girls who lived far away was to increase my
​chances of getting a return on my investment (girls living 30+ miles away, sometimes more) by picking them up, building wide rapport and
​deep rapport in the car, kissing them when I sensed it was opportune or stimulating them into it, holding hands possibly before all that though so that it's not too abrupt. The whole time they think we are going to a bar, and I'm steadily building compliance the whole ride,
​and trust and comfort. So when we get to this bar, I lie and say I forgot my wallet and we go back for it. By this time, they're already horny, and kind of drunk since I bring 1 or 2 four lokos for us to drink the whole ride. What I end up doing is pulling my dick out before even going into my house, in the car, and they just suck it. Then we go inside. No problem thus far, as on the way to the bar I already made out
​with them and made them at least grab my dick at least once, over the pants. 

​Now, you might ask, why change this?

​1. 2018. Sexual assault charges are a reality. I don't want to pull my dick out anymore. Even with a lot of compliance, intoxicated girls. 

​2. Pride in my game. I feel this shit is beneath me and I should be such a prize that they should at least be coming for me a bit more. 
​I understand I'll never realistically be able to make them do ALL the work, nor do I want to leave the ball in their court like that, but I
​definitely want to be able to have such great, electrifying, compelling communication that they are more than happy to close the gap
​a little more than they have been. It's a self-love thing too, like if I can put on such a good performance, representing myself, that they're
​like YES, I want this guys cock, now, it'll be a good thing for me, as it'll make me a more powerful person overall.

​3. I don't want to depend on getting girls drunk on the day 2's to fuck them. I do this almost 100% of the time. Hey, I like drinking with
​girls and having fun but I want to actually be more of a drug myself, so if I'm in a place where theres no alcohol available, I can sink
​my hooks in a girl so deeply and so fast that drinking won't even be necessary.

​4. So, the way I see it is this. At a basic level, I'll run my game and grab their hand, put it on my chest, then continue making out, if she
​doesn't move her hand down my pants by then, just pull back and ask her if she wants to see it, if she's like yes then I pull it out and
​make her do whatever I want. At an advanced level, she's undoing my pants. I've had this randomly at parties with fatties that were
​drunk, no game on my part, but I'm sure I can manufacture the same result with decent to cute, even hotter girls, using game.

​Any thoughts? Yeah I know, I'm an animal but I'm a game purist at heart, I must upgrade that shit. 


Joined: 01/03/2018
Yes I am aware that pulling

Yes I am aware that pulling your dick out isn't sexual assault by law in my state, but, I don't want to do it for some reason. Like I don't want to lol. I feel it's beneath me

​and if the bitch gets pissed off or whatever I don't want her to have any reason to speak on me like I'm a perv or to the cops making shit up. 

​I feel theres a better way, where i'm not sitting there like a horny ass dog at her mercy, you know?


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Honestly dude this isn't kind

Honestly dude this isn't kind of stuff I put out in public, but I think your intentions are sound. There's some stuff in the monthly membership, starting in Mth1 that'll blow your fucking mind. I know the "sales" page sucks, but that's on purpose :p. But yes you appear to be missing some of the nuances of dominance, as well as "high value" escalation. At least on your "side" of things. You're missing a hell of a lot. Though what you're describing is indeed at least a high intermediate understanding and execution of sexual escalation. 

When you get into Mth4 you get to a chapter from the sex mastery book entitled "Dominance vs. Sensuality". That is where you start taking the blinders off. Right now you're severely limiting yourself, because you're only doing what's worked BEFORE, you're not understanding the emotional-physiological meaning behind your actions so you can create it with a girl yourself, real-time. 

Clearly you need to explore more of the emotional modalities that govern sex. And you need to figure out what the fuck you're actually doing with physical touch. 'Cuz.. wtf? And as far as verbal you're only "playing not to lose, not playing to win". Verbal and physical weave together. There are greater overarching themes at work than the 50¢ fireworks you're playing with. 

I don't believe in getting girls drunk. I cut them off regularly. Yes it has cost me "lays" before, I did not mind. Not that I won't fuck a girl up if she walks out in her panties and happens to be a bit tipsy. But I have turned away plenty of girls that were fully aroused by me but too drunk. Plus I try to be aware of whose company a girl is keeping. Not going to turn her out in front of her coworkers if I can help it. Though I've certainly intimidated corporate chodes/chodettes into silence and compliance while I whisked their coworker off for adventures beyond Thunderdome. That being said I've never taken advantage of a girl in my life. What constitutes my definition of a "victim", however, is quite nuanced. There are plenty of women out there who want me to "abuse" them, while feasting on them delicately. 


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Joined: 01/03/2018
Well damn, thanks Manwhore. I

Well damn, thanks Manwhore. I got that “shitty” sales page bookmarked for when I’m ready to get that going, certain info niggas gotta pay for so yeah I’m almost “rich” enough to be a serious manwhore alumni. Now I have to choose between the gym membership and your monthly shit to keep myself afloat and the gym comes first, but soon I’ll be studying and training here.