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Ever Been in a Bar Fight? (Share Your Story!) - How I Handled an Aggressive Frat-tato

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Under NO circumstances, get into a bar fight!

^I think we all know that, but it's well worth repeating.

Thankfully, I never had to learn this lesson the hard way. Like any good bystander, I learn from watching, pointing, laughing, then talking about it on social media!

I can remember multiple times where I've seen "alpha dudes" act up in order to satisfy their egos and live up to whatever badass image they have of themselves.

It never ends "well".

Here's a secret: YOU ALWAYS LOSE

Even if you win the cock fight, you still lose.

One...or two, or three, of many things could happen:

1) His buddy comes from behind and cheap shot you...
2( His buddIES come from behind and cheap shot you over and over...
3) The girls' hate you for embarassing them
4) The bouncer nails you and kicks you out
5) You can never go to the club again

I can remember one incident in mind that was so downright brutal that I could never forget.

I forgot how it started but most of these things start for petty reasons anyways....This guy just nails another guy on the street and knocks him to the floor. He thinks he won. He thought wrong. 5 BIG BLACK DUDES come up from behind and LITERALLY beat him to the floor and don't stop kicking and stomping on his body. *Pretend as if you were trying to put a fire out....ya....

Worst of it all, the cops waited until they had reinforcements to pull them off the poor chap.

I took that as a lesson and you should do.

Some guys however, are just looking for a fight. These guys operate at such a low-vibration it's not fit for you to even engage them. They can never do what you do and they KNOW IT. If you're intune to your surroundings, you can sense when arguing or fighting

I remember one time, I scooped up this one girl outside a bar and started dancing with her in the middle of the street. We were having a grand time until some dude walks in and starts trashing me for wearing a dog tag and aggressively pulling on it to draw me closer to him.


I could tell that any sort of attempt to put this guy in his place was gonna end up in a brawl. It really ticked me off too because it was a memento from my older brother. You have no idea how badly I wanted to kick his teeth in. Instead, I took the girl and walked away. He just kept yelling his insults and eventually faded out.


Now that's dandy and will keep all your teeth planted in your gums. Avoid fights and people itching to fight.

However, that doesn't mean avoid confrontation. 

When a girl gives you shit, you gotta confront that sometimes. If a dude tries to AMOG you, tool his ass. If people disrespect you and cross your boundaries, wage jihad on

And it's your lucky day cause I got two super duper tips to help you!

1) Straight from MW: Learn how to kick people's asses

There's no feeling like it,.When you KNOW you can confidently drop someone to the ground and finish a fight, GAME ON. One of the biggest turning points in my game was learning boxing. It drastically reduced anxiety from approaching mixed sets as well as how well I could hold frame against AMOGs and figures of authority (frat bois, bouncers, officers).

2) This tip interplays w/ #1. I call it the 'FEAR OF GOD' technique

One night, I was standing at the front of an angry mob of drunk bishes and angry dudes. We were all swarming the bars' patio doors to get some fresh air. People were pushing me up against the glass, spilling shit on me, and one girl was pulling my hair!

Sheesh, atleast buy me icecream first.

Oh who am I kidding, I liked it :D

For reference: I'm not tall, have a skinny frame, and a lot of sexual charisma.

I was getting so friggun pissed that I pushed a few girls back into the crowd. *Gently ofcourse. More like a loving throw away.

This "frat-star", 6'4, good-looking, top-tier home slice comes up to me and says "Dude! You can't push girls", as he towers over me. Then the girls chime in, "Ya, asshole!". 

I was so pissed at this point. They've been pushing me for 10 straight minutes and I was losing cool fast. 

I had enough. If I was gonna fight, it was gonna be against this frat fuck.

So I do this....

I look up to him, project all my power through eye contact, and a facial expression ready to attack, and hold his gaze.

I could literally hear his frame shattering into a million pieces through his eyes.

He doesn't say a thing, and just shyly turns away to try to regain his sense of reality lol.

I instilled the FEAR OF GOD into this chap.

The funny thing is, this was HIS enviornment. He's got the genetics, the girls, the status. I'm just a lil middle eastern guy with a dream to one day attain my 72 virgins.

Moral of the Story: We have a 6th sense when shit is about to go down. Listen to it and do not get involved. You as a man should be at ease with confrontation, and there is a big difference between the two.

Let's hear your stories as well! 

(Correct me if I'm wayyy off the mark and you have a better strategy)

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Great stuff! I'm actually

Great stuff! I'm actually incorporating some stuff quite similar to this in the "Dominance" section of the Sex Mastery book. All y'all in the MW Membership stay tuned ;) 


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It's very rare for there to

It's very rare for there to actually have to be physical altercation. In fact most of the low-level tension guys experience infield can be handled with the stare of death or whatever Jihad's calling it. Or just an aggressively upbeat and positive verbal blast in their direction, which does take more practice and training but is by far the best way of handling 95% of situations.

Just a few months back I was lone-wolfing it at a club here in Las Vegas, walking through the crowd with a heineken when someone tried to sorta accost me/take my drink out of my hand. I was sorta flabbeghasted and completely amused by it. I turned to see who it was and looked up practically at the ceiling into the face of a member of the Aryan brotherhood. A 6'5 German dude, good looking and built, probably some sort of athlete. I think he was trying to amog me, pretty sure there might have been some sort of aggressiveness going on on his part. Plus he had his identical buddy with him so they were probably egging each other on. But I didn't give a shit. I lol'd at them both and cheers'd them then stopped and started chatting them both up. They were all smiles I was all smiles we had a pretty good time. And they had a "princess" with them, a really hot German girl, who saw this whole thing and apparently got super drawn to me upon seeing it. I just casually chatted her up, and another girl in the group, and at one point I leaned in towards the princess to say something in close so she'd hear me better and she instantaneously tried to kiss me, opened her mouth and tried to come in on my lips. I was actually shocked for a split second, lol. So I grabbed her and moved her a little ways off then started kissing her. And the weirdest thing happened.. she was an AWFUL kisser. Unbelievable. Someone so naturally gorgeous and she doesn't even know how to kiss. I couldn't even hide my reaction from her. I just immediately went into teacher mode and started trying to teach her how to kiss. Lol. I tried with her a couple times then basically gave up and took off. I saw her about 10 minutes later making out with the German dude. This guy was getting my sloppy seconds with her. So weird 

Another time I was sitting at a table in the outside area of Xs, chatting up a friendly girl I'd just met, when I basically got physically bumrushed from behind. This dude came up and put his hands on me, like he was half-grabbing me half-pushing me and started yelling aggressively in my ear. I turned around and could tell that the guy was 1) clearly a fighter. He had cauliflower ear and a fucked up nose, and 2) he was naturally an overly aggressive dude and had probably no business even being out in a social environment. He was just a straight bully. And even though I'm a highy trained martial artist, I was pretty sure the dude could whup my ass. That did not matter in the slightest. I shamed him starting immediately I didn't budge an inch. I told him he had no right to put his hands on people, had no right to be aggressive or attempt to bully people. I told him he had no idea who I was, or what I was doing there and that it made him look like he had no idea what he was doing being in a social environment around other people.

He almost immediately apologized and became a lot nicer. And I could honestly tell that this was a guy who simply didn't know any better, one of the rare ones. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised to hear this guy made his way to prison. But he relaxed and we started chatting it up. He ended up not being a "bad" guy, just very.. spirited. Lol

Sure enough he starts showing me videos of his fights on YouTube, and yes this guy is just abusing people in the ring. Lol. It was actually quite admirable he's definitely a natural fighter. But then something really interesting happens... the round ends, and the ring girl walks out holding up the card with the round # on it. Something seems familiar about the girl and so I peer in closer and sure enough it's a girl I'm dating. Ha! So this guy's being beligerent with people, bullying them when he feels like it, then shows a video where a model comes out who happens to be a girl that loves to sneak out and come blow me after her events. That's not even me being vulgar, that's simply the truth. She loved sucking my cock. Haha

So anyway, it's clear that real "dominance" isn't a matter of your fighting or bullying ability. Physical prowess comes 2nd to emotional and mental dominance, and how that gets projected socially. 


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Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Mhm, very spicy, i like. I'll

Mhm, very spicy, i like.

I'll always say simple stuff to shame like "Bro r u gay? Why are your hands all over me? Oh is this to impress the girl? Just be cool man. You don't have to prove yourself. Just be cool. Y'know what, take her, she was such a pain last night anyways(push her towards him)."

And like what you said "not even giving him an inch to budge". I'll say stuff with so much repetition and force it just overwhelms them and they can't think straight. Never even allowing them to speak.

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Lots of value here, thanks

Lots of value here, thanks brothas

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I was in alot of fight as a

I was in alot of fight as a kid, but then got into martial arts. Since then i've been in one fight, but i thought this racist guy deserved it. He was asking for it all night.

I've been in alot of confrontations though, anything from random guys trying to start fights, 10 guys trying to jump me, guys trying to rob me, protecting other people getting jumped etc and i never had to fight physically. For some reason many of these guys end up trying to be friends afterwards.

Once i was hanging with 2 guys from my school (not very close friends) in a club, and a group of about 8 guys walk up and try to start a fight. I talk with their "leader" and ask what's up why are you fucking with us. While i'm talking to him the 2 guys from my school get scared and try to leave, and apparently also got hit by some of them. So i'm left alone and they try to surround me and start grabbing my shirt etc. I was a bit worried of course but i kept my cool and somehow they go from wanting to fuck me up to wanting to hang out with me ha ha. I could tell these guys were trouble makers, but they told me if someone fucks with me, i can just tell them and they will help me out, which they did months later when a drunk guy tried to jump me because he was mad i was talking to girls. I have a bunch of similar stories where they ended up trying to be friends. Even the racist guy wanted it lol.

You can't always be friendly though. Me and a friend were walking home from a shady area that is known for crime, when i notice 5 guys following us. I wasnt sure about their intentions but i tell my friend "lets walk a bit faster and be ready to run if they try to do anything" (you never know if they have weapons). Moments later they got very close to us and started insulting us, so i knew they were definitely trying to assault us. Luckily i saw a bottle on the road which i grabbed and kept walking. As they kept talking shit i turned respond with the bottle in my hand and said loudly "yo get the fuck off don't follow us" as if i was pissed at them. These are tge types of guys that will rob you, then stomp you while you're laying on the ground so you have to either run, or show them that they shouldn't fuck with you. If i didnt have that bottle i would definitely had run. Weeks later, a friend of mine got beat up by a bunch of guys in the same area.

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Ha! Yeah I've been in many

Ha! Yeah I've been in many street fights, the vast majority of the time I'm able to deescalate though. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Papaya wrote: I've been in

Papaya wrote:
I've been in alot of confrontations though, anything from random guys trying to start fights, 10 guys trying to jump me, guys trying to rob me, protecting other people getting jumped etc and i never had to fight physically.

Damn papaya, your area sounds could even say....MELONdramatic....