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What the fuck lol

I've changed my number so many times and this chick still managed to get it this time from a family member of mine who I gave my old number too lol

I don't even have her on any social media and the last time we talked I was rude as fuck. She got so pissed she stopped talking hahaha. Not sure what she wants now.

Any idea why she keeps doing this? She has a bf, they've been together for a while now.

This hoe, ruined me. Took me so long to go back to normal after the breakup.

Although I'm finally back to being me, I'm waaaay fuckin' better than I ever was. Feels good. Thanks again, MW.


Her: Hey how are you doing?

Me: good, new #, who's this

Her: -Name-

Me: whatsup


To hate fuck, or not to hate fuck .. that is the question.


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It can be pretty therapeutic

It can be pretty therapeutic to game & bang the girl that used to tool you. 


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here's the rest of the convo

here's the rest of the convo so far, my man.

Her: Hey how are you doing

Me: good, new #, who's this?

Her: -name-

Me: whatsup

Her: Not very much, just working. Just wanted to say sorry cuz I was a bitch last time we talked

Me: ya you were

Her: I was

Her: Sorry

Me: you always forget to make it up to me after apologizing.. you suck :p

Her: Okay fine dinner on me sometime soon then

Me: no thanks

Me: you were always so picky, id rather do drinks at a pub

Her: I don't really drink that much anymore but sure (Was a total party girl lol typical hot girl that RSD instructors used to describe)

Me: cool, i can drive if you have your "n" still (N = new drivers license)

Her: LOL shut up I got my n before you obviously I have my full license

Me: by like a week cause you flirted with the old man

Her: No I didn't I'm just a way better driver than you ;)

Her: Anyway lol

Me: weren't you the one who crashed at the turnoff by -bridge- .. ;)

Her: It was the middle of the night and I was lost

Me: hahahaha

Her: And in my pyjamas lol

Me: those don't take away from your driving skills, speedracer

Her: Oh well lol

Her: So when are you free then

Me: i work @ 2 diff places, better to give me your schedule

Her: I do too (she's at work now)

Me: idk my bar schedule for sure, but after work weds or thurs should work


Waiting for reply --- Pretty much have no idea where this came from. Looks like her bf isn't doing the job or she just misses the D.

Pretty much going to hate fuck her lol. I love you MW.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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Thought I should update this.

Thought I should update this. Ran into my ex after deciding continuing to game her was a bad idea. She apologized for everything and I continued on my way after talking to her casually for about 15 minutes. It's interesting because I wasn't trying to game her when I bumped into her dt but you could tell she was getting attracted and very invested as time went on.

Fast forward a week or two later. I get hit up by her in text and we have kept it casual. I figured we could be friends but after the last convo we had, I think it's on.

Me: hey butthead

Her: Hi

Me: whatcha doin

Her: Just on my way to work

Her: What about you

Me: man, you're always working

Me: we were gonna get high and go to the aquarium and space center

Me: was gonna invite ya

Her: Well I'm off at 5 30

Her: It's just a 2 hour behaviour session with my student

Me: k i'm gonna check with everyone, we aren't going if it starts to rain. it looks like it's gonna

Me: we'll postpone tho

Her: Ah

Her: Who is we

Me: oh you might have met everyone, we can do something tho. better to catch up first

Her: Who though lol

Me: *lists 5 names*

Her: Ah okee

Me: yep, maybe a few others

Her: Alright

Me: I just realized you don't know any of these people

Me: we can do something lol

Her: Nope haha

Her: Okay well I'm planning to go to the gym after I'm off and gotta get some groceries so I'll let you know :)

Me: Ohh.. you mean tonight lol

Her: Yeah

Her: Just got off work

Me: i'm still dt, i didn't know you meant tonight. why don't you take your time with those things, we'll set another day to hang when it's nicer out. (I didn't want to ditch my friends for my ex lol)

Her: Sure

Me: not trynna ditch you or anything, you're not thaat lame lol ;)

Her: That's okay, I didn't think that you were lol

Me: ya right, you were probably sharpening your cleaver lol

Her: Hahah no no

Me: pffft, i can almost feel the lazer beams shooting out of your eyes

Her: Definitely lol

Me: watch that sass, missy

Her: Lol mhhhhhmmm ;)

Me: you got a lumpy butt *covering mouth monkey emoji*

Her: No I don't

Her: I don't like mean jokes remember

Me: wait you don't?

Me: *peach emoji* <--- it's got 2 giant ones like this

Her: LOL well ya

Me: I think mine will look better in a few weeks.. this 100 days to a better bum workout is fucking amazing.. nbd

Her: LOL hahaha

Her: Good job (my name)

Me: look just don't get all jealous and touchy feely about it.. your bum is still ok

Her: I think we both know I'm not the one with problems being touchy feels

Her: Feely*

Me: ya you're right.. we both know it was Nana. She loved me a little too much hahaha (her gma fucking loved me)

Her: LOL

Her: I meant you

Her: But yeah her too

Me: what can i say, i'm a charmer... and nana was too ;) 

Her: Lol I meant you have problems keeping your hands to yourself (she's being pretty assertive on this shit test lol)

Me: ah well yenno.. butter fingers ;) ( LOL grade 8 school dance call back humor, she remembered that)

Her: Lol mmmhhhmm..

Me: well... i should probably say buttered 2 fingers.. 

Her: Oh. My. God. LOL

Her: (my name)

Her: Friends remember

Me: how was the gym and shit? (i just ignored that)

Me: we're gonna go get baked

Her: Lol

Her: Gym was good

Her: I am currently getting baked rn

Me: jealous, just come here and join us

Me: (30 mins pass) or not butthead *disapproving emoji*

Her: Sorry i read this and am stoned so I forgot to reply lol

Her: I was with my friend Emily

Me: the little girl?

Me: k we're gonna go blaze now then. 

Her: She's 19 lol

Her: Oh well I'm all ready for bed now anyway lol

Me: meh, i remember her as a little girl, flipping me off on webcam hahaha

Me: pfft, k granny (her name)

Her: Lol ya she's still got that personality

Her: Yeah well I got really stoned lol

Her: So I'm tired


Pointless banter ensues


This morning continued 


Her: Guys shouldn't complain about costs of their haircuts lol

Her: It costs girls hundreds of dollars

Her: Every time

Me: that's completely the girls choice *rolls eyes emoji* no one said to get your roots done

Her: Oh shush

Her: You know we don't have a choice


Convo continues a bit here but I think this is interesting. Crazy comparing how "one word" our convos were to what they are now after running into her and unintentionally running game on her. 

I can easily set a meet up. I might as well but I do feel a bit guilty considering I have a gf. 

I do wonder if having sex with my ex will help fix some of the inner game issues I have. A lot of my issues and struggles started when shit went down with this girl. I feel like I would be redeeming a loss or something lol I'm already doing 100x better than I was back then though.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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You should be gaming this

You should be gaming this girl harder. You're being almost mild-mannered here. I'm not really a fan. Tease/compel her into a meetup better and make her throat you. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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I agree. I don't like this

I agree. I don't like this style. I was a little bit hesitant to be honest. I wasn't sure what she wanted or anything. Considering the last time we talked we just argued a bunch, I didn't know what to think of this. 

She hates my dick like jokes, when I bust her balls, etc.  Which is where that "I don't like mean jokes" came from. I tried to steer away from those. 

I remember her giving me shit for not giving in to her childish requests and attitude. She told me

how I was not normally like this and that this was not the "real" me that she knows hahaha. It was a mega shit test that I obviously failed. Was a while ago. 

How do you suggest being hard hitting without crossing that boundary of going too far with the jokes? I'm considering throwing in more disqualification and just keeping it playful. Open to suggestions. 


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar