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Marcus Lemonis from "The

Marcus Lemonis from "The Profit" is a great example of boss daddy communication. Super ruthless and to the point when needed then is super compassionate and understanding after when he asserts what is important and needs to get done. Highly recommend it, it's made huge shifts in my mindset just from watching.


I sat down with a new company (for a job interview) after a couple of days of watching his series. I found myself automatically functioning at a higher level because I had been looking at business from interpersonal frames vs business frames. It was awesome, I was just super real and off the cuff with them from the start.

I basically was like look guys we just met but I know whatever you guys sell I could sell the shit out of. When my company has an event and they want to make sure we get as many sales as we can they put me in. The problem, however, is they have all these bullshit ways they're screwing me out of my pay. I want to know what you pay, how you pay it and what I can realistically expect to make from you guys without any numbers I'm going to look back on in the future and call bullshit on. If you guys can do that and offer a good product, I will sell the fuck out of whatever you guys have, I have zero doubt I can do that for you guys. I just like to be straightforward and honest with you guys and if we work together I ask the same back from you guys.

Total boss shit. I said this like 20 seconds after saying hello. One of the managers cracked up like "wow this dude's something else love it." I don't think I was ever being interviewed for the position because I know they probably have to go through so many mediocre/average salesmen before getting to someone like me.

Its also helped me call out bullshit with my old company and with people because I know how to go about things from a workability frame vs making it personal when it doesn't have to. Highly recommend his show.

And as for the job they pay salary +commission. Their base pay is what I was making with the other company annually. And they gave me a new tablet, mifi and everyone is my age at this company. And I could easily be earning over 6 figures this year. I might write a post on what's been going on lately (hoe I've gotten there) cause I feel like I'm operating at a whole new other level. It almost doesn't seem real cause I still feel the same way in many ways but I just naturally find myself doing shit that was outside my reality before. I gotta marinade on it a bit more, but it might be out soon.