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Excellent article on Ripple (XRP), another Blockchain currency

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Now that the hysteria and hoorah around BTC 'n such is over.. what were your guys' experiences with it? What do you guys think of the article below and what it makes clear? 

Any other thoughts on the financial or economic aspects of it?


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Blockchain as a technology is

Blockchain as a technology is fascinating.

Im pretty inexperienced with bitcoin, nothing to add there, but Ive been doing some research into some of the smaller social media sites that use blockchain to reward people for posting popular content or streaming something with a lot of views.
LOTS of potential in the idea, the execution is a pretty big flop at the moment though.
Rewarding people for putting out good content with no ads is could have a huge financial impact and decentralize the fb/yt ad bombardment to really make them reconsider their approach to make it more in line with consumer needs over $$$.

Yeah, I don't know jack about the economic impacts, I may look into that sort of thing soon! (I didn't know you were into economics, MW!)