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Excercises for more vivid mental visualizations -

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Joined: 09/22/2015

How many of you fellas visualize consistantly, to help you improve in your craft? For you fellas that visualize, I came across an issue of having shallow visualizations recently. Example:

Recently, I imagine fighting someone that I will fight, and can only play out a narrow set of scenarios. Also I don't feel in sync with the visualization that I am doing... anyway I lost that fight.

But it makes me think about my experience visualizing from a couple years back - I was going to fight someone, and in my visualizations I would feel all the particular muscles I use when I throw a punch, and I would the heavy breathing that accompaies fight-or-flight response

The issue is that I am not engaging deeply with my imagination - here is some stuff I have been looking into, and it may help you too:

Excersize for stimulating tactile mental imagination:

(I don't remember the source, it was from youtube!)

Imagine biting into a lemon, feel the sourness... (...makes me cringe and make a face)

imagine scratching a chalkboard (also makes me cringe)

Excersiczes for stimulating visual imagination:

If any of you have faced some mental blocks in visualization, what have you done to get deal with it?

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Cool!  It helps to visualize


It helps to visualize things you enjoy doing. You can craft and hone the skill set there then transfer it to other areas. 


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