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Experimenting with a new text style- Notoriously flakey chick and low key qualification

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I wanted to post this convo up because it completely deviates from what I've been doing lately. I have been trying to push the WOW factor like crazy, but I changed things up here. This girl is notoriously flakey. She is a timid highschool girl and doesn't appear to respond to anything super gamey, so I tried running very low key ninja qualification the whole time. The texting is very regimented in terms of hitting all major benchmarks of cocky/funny, qualifcation/tease, endearment, and logistics. She starting inviting herself out with me :) Lemme know how you guys think this is going.

Me: Sup chickiepoo did you survive the storm?

Her: hey :) whats up with the nickname weirdo hahaha

Me: hows school going   <----nicknames aren't weird, she's not gettng any attention for that

Her: school is hell haha still no car

Her: whats new w u

Me: aw no how do you get around  <--logistics

Me: skiing a lot homie and organic chemistry of course

Me: practically a scientist by now :P   <----cocky/funny

Her: Geez u guenius im a twelve year old and have to rely on my friends and parents! so if youre so smart I should be asking u for help w my hw? :)

Me: yah you should  <--cocky

Me: but you dont have a car so no way to get to my labratory for tutoring? :P    <---She wont let me pick her up bc we met on tinder lol so now she's going to have suffer..tease

Her: you're ridiculous hahaha when I get my car back (crying laughing emoji) im looking at some now

Me: what're you looking at (name)

Me: race cars, trucks, tanks?   <---baseline texting to shape the conversation, and just a kiss of i'm cocky/funny

Her: maseratis and lambos to be exact

Her: :) :) hahaha but really is an acura and mazda

Me: lol all great choices <---light endearment

Me: but it aint no batmobile!   <----some teasing, and cocky/funny becuase I drive the batmobile

Her: yes thats what I really want ughh howd you know

Me: well first off you need to pick up a cat woman suit

Me: normal dressed people in bat cars is highly frowned upon here  <----qualification, are you cool enough?

Her:  ok makes sense (kissy face emoji) wyd

Me: I"m headin to sonic for milkshakes :P   <----baseline texting, and i'm cool too did I mention that?

Her: no fair haha im getting ice cream after work

Me: haha where at I thought you were a froyo gal <---logistics

Her: I am I am but my friend is getting me ice cream is more a treat hahaha

Her: I love froyo from (town) its the best   <---oh really??

Me: lol (town) is a weird weird place <---tease

Her: you dont like it?

Me: no no I like it a lot :P

Me: if we went to (town) we wouldn't  fit in at all. We would need drug rug sweatshirts, ripped jeans, colorful feathers in our hair, and entire pack of homeless cats <---endearment/you-and-me-vibe/wow factor

Her: who says I don't wear half of that :)

Me: beb don't try and take the attenton off the fact that you have a pack of CRAZY kitties  <--tease

Me: I already knew you dressed hipster

Her: crazy kitties?

Her: yes to a point

Her: no vans and rugs

Me: haha you should seem my rugs

Me: magic carpet actually :)

Me: (town)'s alladin <---cocky/funny

Her: U have good style I must admit <---awww tanks

Me: lol I dig your nose piercing <---endearment, she earned it

Me: we could probably open our own abercomrbie and fitch we are on that level of sexiness <---you and me vibe/ endearment

Her: haha I love that thank you I have two I went crazy and got a tattoo and that in one week :)

Me: oh no thats like biker chick status (cry laugh emoji)

Me: are you buying a big bad bike soon hun <---qualification/tease

Her: no i'm not like that hahaha ull have to meet me because you're getting the wrong idea <---oh you want to meet up now?

Me: lol I guess ill have to be the judge of that <--qualification

Her: im cool haha ull be surpised

Me: lol its nice to meet cool people  <--still not validating her

Me: gawd damn im so busy lately but what;re you up to this weekend <---logistics and hint of high value, it was HER idea to meet up

Her: I have work :( ughhh hahah soon tho

Me: yah I got work too but i'm free mornings <---logstics, she's not working the WHOLE weekend thats just some bs 

Her: I got to school silly and work sat mornings

Me: ok we are partying saturday night so that wouldnt work either <--- indirectly implying that she doesn't qualify for my saturday nights, even that it wasn't mentoned

Her: sounds so fun im jealous its been awhile for me (cry laugh emoji)

Me: lol why not do you stay home and read books hehe <---qualification

Her: no weirdo im not going to have my mommy drive me to party haha and I used to go with my bf and now hes gone I havent gotten around to it <---Oh no your bf is gone?

Me: dont worry gangsta kitty we will get you on the dance floor soon <---endearment, she qualified herself

Her: youre so weird :) <3 who says that HAHAHAAHAH

Me: lets hope you have some moves <---tease after she cums

Her: and if I dont? lol

Me: yah can't be my dance partner :P

Me: I have a reputation to withold

Me: I got THE MOVES <---cocky

Her: you'd be lucky to even be my dance partner :)

Her: You got me all wrong  <---oh YEAH?

Me: ha! dont worry poopkin you'll get a proper tryout <---tease

Me: but I think we would make a killer duo if it worked out ;)   <---a little endearment after the tease

Her: youre crazy hahahaha do you call everyone these nicknames? and we shall see

Me: lol the nicknames just kinda depend on how im feelin about a person <---I just called her poopkin LOL

Her: how do u feel about me

Her: Lol <---Wouldn't you like to know sweetie?

Me: You seem cool over text 

Me: dont really know you so cant say  <---qualification

Her: im cool trust me hahaha <---wow, you told me that earlier

Me: haha I believe you <--- but really, do I...?

Her: how was sonic

Me: mad yummy in my tummy

Me: How was ice cream <---baseline

Her: so good I feel so fat hahaha

Me: lol me too im going to kill it at the gym tomorrow fo sho <--high value cocky

Her: hahaha I should go before work I have a free membership that I never use

Me: lol couch potato I could slice you up and make lays outta you :)  <---tease

Her: Nooooooo hahahaha

Me: i'm watching a movie with my roomie soon and I don't wanna be that rude movie texter nazi  <--not going to pen-pal it all night

Me: Nun night (name)

Her: Nun night (name)  <---I like when they mirror the goodnight texts :)

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Whats nun?

Whats nun?

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
This was good dude. 

This was good dude. 

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Daddyjihad1 wrote: Whats

Daddyjihad1 wrote:
Whats nun?


like na-night, nuh-night, Nnight if you sound it out. Stole it from a chick I think its cute

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Meow yknow this is probably

Meow yknow this is probably one of your best threads lmao

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