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I'm a pussy when it comes to inviting girls out, specially those that I don't feel entitled. I usually chat a lot with the girls, but fear getting rejecting when inviting them out. And I assume that most guys that doesn't have experience are like that so I hope this post can describe what I have experienced this week.

The #1 rule of 19 rules of text game:

1. The MAIN Point- The entire premise behind texting a girl is to get her on a date with you. This is your main objective, there are other things you do over text, but they are ALL to support that main objective. Do not be a penpal.. pull the fucking trigger.  Shoot her with your STGG 1000. (Solid Text Game Gun)

This post is dedicated to this rule.

There are three girls that I have phone closed a month ago, two of them are really above the level that I feel entitled, the other I'm not attracted at all.

The blonde, the Indian and the UG.

Lets start with the UG, she always replies to my texts, talk a lot, it looks like she has read a tutorial about text game, because she is always texting some creative shit.

The blonde is always availble online, usually replies me, but she doesn't invest as much as the UG. She might send some winkie emoticons out of the blue, but thats it.

The indian chick is so hot, the type of girl I'm really attracted to. She usually isn't available, not always replies, when she does its usually short texts, but sometimes she invests a bit.

Fed up of how bored my day was I've decided to meet up with one of these girls, I was searching text conversations on this forum to inspire me of what to say and found

Going straight forward to what I wanted I sent them something like this text:

"Lets go grab some drinks at bay area"


The UG refused

The blonde accepted, but she was in another town so asked if we could do this next week.

The indian chick wanted to but she was only going to leave work at 22pm, she asked me if I could drive her home after going out as there were no buses. She also said that she was not dressed properly as she was working and her hair was not done. Which I replied my hair is a mess, don't worry about that I'll put my worst clothes. It ended up flaking.

What I have learned and some new guys may learn as well:

There's no reason why you are not enough, why do you think this girl is above you? You can be a totally ok option for her and that's good to go for a day2.

Stop setting the bar so high, if the girl didn't text me immediately or seem interested I would get all butthurt, let her be it's not that your value as a person has diminished.

Push for the meeting, rule #1. I texted a lot with the UG and she was the one that didn't want to go out.

So what I intend to do with the next numbers is push for the meet up and only if she doesn't seem to want right away will I start to complicate things.