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Hi All, 

First time utilizing this forum. I'm a pretty normal guy who used to be terrible with women. After taking years of learning how to socialize, I'm now a crazy, energetic, entertaining dude.


Most of the times that I have had sex it has been from social circle, never a clean cold approach. However, I resolved with my friend to start going out last weekend to cold approach. The first night we went out, we didn't approach anyone even though girls were on the lowkey around us and dancing around us. Then, the next day, I woke up, absolutely pissed that I'm not rightfully taking what's mine and making the decision to do so. That next night, we went out, my friend was afraid to approach. But, I actively made the decision to start approaching because I don't want to live with a fear of strangers. (I basically used to get bullied, now I'm a cool dude and I just need to undo that mental programming).

Something I noticed after approaching the girls was that I felt alive and extremely happy. It felt like I was making the decision to do something amazing, it changed how I felt when I woke up the next day, and it changed how I let others treat me. I had a massive self-respect and self-love boost after doing this. Any changes mentally anyone has had after taking action.

Also, when I do have sex with girls for the most part its boring because I talk a lot during sex and I turn myself on more than the girl turns me on. Is there some way to let the girl turn me on even more?

Thanks for answering!

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Well your post started out

Well your post started out pretty solid, was happy for you. 

Then you had to throw in that last part and completely ruin it lol. Where did you get that from? It's ridiculous. You sound like a mediocre version of Tyler Durden/Owen Cook trying to come on here and speculate on sexual activities they do not understand. 


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