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A few technical Qs regarding posting text messages easily and Skype Bandwidth for coaching

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Yo guys I started my training last week and have been drilling hard.

1. I've been trying out new things texting-wise and wanted to be able to get critique on it. What is the fastest and most efficient way to post them here?

2. To current or past students, can you post what your Internet speed was during coaching? I want to make sure I have something similar or find a friends house who has faster speed. I simply used Google's speed calculator to calculate my download and upload speeds. 

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Which mobile device do you

Which mobile device do you have? For the time being you'll just have to type in the convos or attach screenshots. The forum is getting an upgrade soon and I've got something big coming soon that'll help substantially if you've got an Android device. 

I think we were good for Skype, yeah? There's always been some guys who've had to restart the call 15-25 min into session. Not a big deal 


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If you can, use cable and not

If you can, use cable and not Wifi. It will improve it, depending on your tech maybe very significantly. 

Also, you might be able to just upgrade for a while, these companies can be always talked to and negotiate. You might get a higher package without paying if you practice the drills as you say ;)


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KK sounds good.  I'm on

KK sounds good. 

I'm on Android :)