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First (Almost) Success! (And Other Things) Woot!

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What's up my newfound community. 

I just wanted to take the time to share with you that I can't believe (I can now) how much I was doing wrong in the seduction field. 

I came here because my life is pretty much put together except for two things. 
1. The world of Sex/Dating/Women/Social Skills
2. Confidence/Self Value

Also I recently absolutely fucked up with a chick that had interest in me that was a solid 9 and had a 10 personality, I got so upset I found the forums here :D. I want to try to reconnect with this girl too (now that I have the avengers to help guide me) so if anyone is interested in helping I can post about that soon. 

Moving on..

I've succeeded in life so far by being a nice guy and a damn hard worker. 
I have the reputation of doing everything (work, school, etc) 200%, and being the nicest/most honest guy you've ever met. (Not trying to toot my horn)

My main weaknesses are being too nice (double edged sword), too timid, too amiable, texting, maintaining a woman's interest), not much displayed confidence, and no self value. 

Since finding this forum I've read quite a bit of the forum (a goldmine I still need to sift through); joined the monthly membership program (already ate everything unlocked so far); inquired about the coaching (after I get my raise that's coming to me soonish); and made a shit ton of progress. 

I just wanted to share with you guys my first success since joining and (not sex... yet ;) ) and I am just so freaking shocked on the night and day difference in the treatment I've been getting in the women department. (Waiting for it to bleed into the rest of my life lol)

So I met this chick on okc. We liked each other and I messaged her first, she's a 7.5

me: You seem pretty cool, what's up chica?

her: haha thanks, likewise (blush face) Nada really! Just got home, so I'm finally on spring break so I'm getting down with "the sixties" documentary episodes thingys.  You?

her: and your name?

me: thanks, you can call me Theo :) I've heard those are pretty good

(No reply, Guess I could've came up with something more fun and clever about her watching that)

Last Friday, the next day at 5:00pm

me: Miss popular getting distracted by all of her other messages? (Smirk emoji)

(no response but I don't give up that easy now that I've learned a thing or two!  I would've moved on otherwise or did something like "hey what's up?")

Today 7:00pm after getting inspiration from a recent thread I went through ;) thanks mw

me: if your hair and my beard had children they would be SO adorable 

(less than a minute or two later)

her: lmaooooo sorry! I don't really get on this too much

(^yeah right! That response was fucking instant lol)

her: Would you like to text?? I know it may be too soon to give out numbers, but like, easier communication??

(^wtf I wish I understood the psychology behind the line I used. It's never been so easy)

me: haha it's a phone number not a kidney (laughing emoji)

(^ also inspired from a thread)

me: text me butter cup (phone #)

Texting time! 

her: Hey it's victoria (blush emoji)

me: Hi this is batman

(^I'm now an avenger, at least in training, like the rest of you)

me: Oh fuck! Got my texts mixed up, didn't mean to give you my secret identity (oh fuck shocked emoji)

me: You'd better be good at keeping secrets (smirk emoji)

her: nopeeee I'm terrible, going straight to the Gotham newspaper (straight smile with teeth emoji)

her: so Theo

her: what's good in the hood?

me: Better watch your back Rainbow Brite or imma tie you up with my batrope (smirk)

(^shoulda winked or did the purple devil emoji, no balls)

me: Everything pretty alright in the hood, Jaquan is rapping and the hobos are reading our OkC convo

me: how's your hood doin?

her: Jaquan?

her: OOHH

her: got it now

her: lol

her: (laugh emoji)

her: sorry had a slow moment

me: welp the heros creed says everybody gets one (winky face)

(^didnt really help or harm me, not sure what I was thinking)

me: What are you up to tonight? Taking over the world with your kitten army?

(^thanks forums)

her: nopeeeee staying in and just eating pizza/watching a movie

her: tired af

her: you?

me: a girl who eats carbs? (Heart eyes emoji) you're fearless

her: what are you doing right now?

her: wanna chit chat on the phone?

me: just headed to the batcave from my day job 

me: I've got a few blocks walk to the subway, call you in a sec

her: okie dokie

(called her about 20min later, got help up at work)

The phone call was pretty fun. Said hey snowflake! What's up? 
And she was super happy and laughing, said she wanted to call me because I was so enthusiastic and wanted to make sure I wasn't good at being online and an actual weirdo in real life. I say that I'm real and I'm all me. 

(I'm thinking she wanted to make sure early because she already decided to sleep with me I hope. If not the joke is on her because the phone game was killer)

So we talk about the movies she's deciding to watch, something I didn't recognize at first, and then was like "what how could you not know?!?" Then she says fantastic beasts and I'm like hell yeah I know that movie, but she's like do you really? I prove it so we move on. I ask her what kind of pizza she likes, pegged her for Hawaiian but she said "pffftt nah!" Come to find out she never had hawaiian and has never heard of supreme pizza either!! (Wtf native New Yorker my ass lol)
we talk about the pizza situation and I say "ok so do we split a large or do we each get our own?" Forget what happened after that but Ishe starts asking me questions, I answer 2-3 (sassy and playfully of course) before I say, alright this isn't 20Q right now let's talk it over that pizza where am I bringing it to? She says she's got to be up early, I say me too so we'll be quick then. She says tomorrow would be better she's got a little bit of free time, I wanna bang and she's into me so I playfully push a bit saying how much time do you have tomorrow I think we need more than just a little bit. It's Wednesday night, not too late, and you were eating pizza/watching a movie sounds like tonight is better (again playfully and nicely). 
She is in staten island (somewhat of a pain to get to) so I give ground and say tomorrow is fine but I gotta know for sure otherwise I'm keeping my night open to whatever comes (trying to lock her in, while showing I have value by not wanting to make flaky plans). She said she'd let me know by the afternoon so I said I'll poke her around then. We talked a bit more, it comes out that she says she's really kind of intimated by my enthusiasm and how funny I am (wtf this has never happened ever in my life). So I comfort her a bit and say

me: look you like it right? (My enthusiasm and funniness)

her: well yeah actually

me: so you should act on that, dont act on fear, amirite? (<-- another stolen line, thanks guys)

her: yeah, but it's still intimidating

(I moved the subject on but should've been like: "I think you mean sexy (wink)"

so we keep talking, she gets some more out of me, I flirt, make some regular jokes, some sex banter (she asked me how big I was haha "how much do you have to show, you're white right?? (Dis bitcchh lol) I say "well miss dectective you'll just have to come find out at our shenanigans tomorrow, I feel like you're not one to let a mystery go unsolved" she laughed and agreed. A little more convo and I decided it was time to bow out (to be congruent with why I decided to call her, I was actually standing by the subway for like 15min talking to her. Also, I was given a tip once that if you leave before people get tired of you they'll reimagine the expierence happier than if it just fizzled out and they'll be disappointed you're leaving so they'll already be looking forward to seeing you again). After that we said bye and I told her I'd hit her up once I had service (really should've waited till tomorrow and just followed up for the date)

(about an hour later)

Me: oh my gawd there was this crazy lady on the subway stomping her feet and hitting herself the whole time 

(^there was, she got hella pissed that I sat next to her. It was the only open seat and I was not standing for a whole hour)

me: "me the whole time (dank annoyed batman gif)"

no response. 

I'm just gonna let this one lie till tomorrow. 

I'll text her with some fun shit about synchronizing watches for the get together or something (any input appreciated)

Tomorrow she's drinking sangria and picnicking (white girl achievement unlocked <-- said that on the phone and also stole that line) in a park not too crazy far from my house so logistics are great!

imma invite her to the bar by my place, work some killer game subtly mention something that she needs to see in my cool room, bring her back, and hit it outta the park!

There are a few things I might need to overcome:
1. It's possible she could flake because she needs to pack for her trip, I told her to take care of that shit so she'd be free. She may not and I don't know when she's leaving so even if she comes to the bar I might not be able to get her home if she feels like she needs to go. 
2. She may get caught up in sangria and also flake or get too trashed to come drink more at the bar. 
3. My in person game as far as eye contact and talk have always been good, but my sexual escalation sucks ass. I need to go read some stuff about how I should do that and maybe some LMR stuff too just in case (I've read nothing about it).

Anywho, thanks for reading this fucking novel. Any input about any part of this post is greatly appreciated. 

P.S. Hope that's enough detail for you all lol

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Here's the only thing I've

Here's what I've come up with for the text tomorrow:

me: hey bonnie, clyde here, I scoped out this bar for the heist tonight. The perfect time to cause trouble is 8. Waddya say doll? (smirk or kiss wink)

or maybe something I stole

me: Hey *insert cute nickname* I found this bar on yelp with a really great rating. Let's ruin it's reputation tonight ;) 8 work?

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A bit long-winded for my

A bit long-winded for my tastes, at least on here, but I think you did pretty decent. You don't want to chase, otherwise she knows she can just leave you hanging till after her trip and you'll still be available. So yes she'll leave you hanging. Need to bait her in other ways and/or just wait for her return text. She said she'd let you know by afternoon but that's probably pie in the sky


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Hmmm gotta work on finding

Hmmm gotta work on finding that Goldilocks zone. 

So so guess she passed out last night, all is well because she texted me when she got up at bumfuck. 

her: naw that's just New York crazy

her: *tells me worse story*

her: also we can totally hang out today

her: it would have to be after the sangria picnic

her: which I'll keep you updated about

her: if that's alright?

gonna reply here in a bit, maybe around 9 when I get to work. Here's what I'm thinking:

me: morning gum drop I had an awesome dream last night. 

Me: I was floating in a river of chocolate, at ate, bathed, swam, and almost drowned in that chcoclately goodness. 

Me: after sangria is fine, just don't get white girl wasted ;) I was planning on us fighting crime at 8:30 think you can shoot for that catwoman? (Winking cat emoji)

if she says yes

me: great make sure you bring your spandex kitty (kiss wink face)

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No I meant I don't usually

No I meant I don't usually read the long reports like this one lol


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

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I don't understand the point

I don't understand the point of your chocolate text. It's also got errors in it. Otherwise looks good me thinks you've got yourself a date


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Oh I see, well thanks for

Oh I see, well thanks for popping in yo

The chocolate shit I thought would be funny. If that won't help I'll leave it out. 

I'll let y'all know how things progress if I get any curveballs. 

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This is a pretty solid

This is a pretty solid interacton, how'd it go brotha man?

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Home run my friends, late for

Home run my friends, late for work so let me give you a rough picture and I'll give you my lay report later cool

Girl turned out to be a 6.5 for me (womp womp damn photos), but I was already there and I need to practice interacting and physical touch anyway. 

Went to a bar for the initial convo talked, flirted, touched; went to an arcade bar she kicked my ass at video games, did more touching and escalating, made out with her pretty aggressively a few times; went to find another bar, decided on going to my place; all over each other in the taxi; fucked her good (she fucked me good too); cuddled after; smoked a bit; she went on her way. 

Definitely would NOT have been able to do it without the interaction being as good as it was from the get go, and the physical stuff being "good" too. Thanks everyone nowhere to go but up from here cool

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I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Hellz yeah!!! :)

Hellz yeah!!! :)