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Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Question - SPOILER ALERT!

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So this is the thing that i can't seem to wrap my head around:Why is Dominique trying so bad to fuck up Roark 's life while also being his lover/pornstar :))ha ?And in the process,also helps little slimy Keating .

I could think of some bits and reasons but nothing complete and that makes complete sense in my mind.Care to shade some light?Might be a stupid question but i dont know it still sticks while going on with the reading.

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That bish gave was giving him

That bish gave was giving him the ultimate shit test. Damn I'm old it's been a decade since I've read that book.

Dominique is a spoiled rich kid, given everything but never had to work for it.. She is idealisitic but also pessimestic. Very cynical about the world. She tries to destroy Roark cause she thinks the world doesn't deserve such greatness. 

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Yeah you'll notice some women

Yeah you'll notice some women (and people) love watching people go through adversity. It's enthralling for them, like meta-level entertainment. I've never been the type, but I've certainly seen it in others. And yeah.. women test the hell out of men. 


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yeah basicaly its a display of the ultimate kind of shit test .Maybe its soo hardcore for the sake of the writing and wanting make it obvious.

Keating being such a wishy washy type of pussy doesnt even get to have her shit tests...thats how low she thinks of him:))damn...this chick is cold blooded