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FR: Almost Go Home, Then I Feel up 2 stranger's vaginas

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Get out of work and I'm still feeling out of it, antisocial, not wanting to be there. I then remembered what Tyler said in Blueprint Decoded that if you don't recognize resistance for it's symptoms (tired, unfocused, out of it, not interested in being out, etc) you may think it's real.So I say okay right action, I start approaching.

Go up to two girls "hey guys how are you. Just wanted to come over here cause I just got out of work and I'm feeling really in my head, introverted". The cute asian is giving me these subtle submissive flirty vibes and tells me she'll see me on the dance floor later when I'm leaving. I never end up seeing her again.

But I see another Asian girl. I'm with my friend on the dance floor, it's still pretty empty. I notice an Asian girl give him super strong eye contact, he doesn't notice.

"Hey man, that girl just gave you really strong eye contact. She wants you to go approach her." He hadn't noticed, "trust me man it was really obvious, just go in". He goes in, I turn to her friend. Her friend is a SUPER hot asian. I'm usually not into asians but this girl daayum. She had a warm, friendly, fun California type of vibe.. I move in closer and ask her if she's from California, she's not. She's moving her mouth in almost like trying to catch my mouth to make out. I start making out with her, she's really into it smiling super happy. Her skin is so fucking soft gawwd damn and she smells so fucking good I don't know what the fuck she's wearing but whatever the fuck this perfume is it's the best thing I've smelled on a girl in I can't even remember the last time. Her stomach, hips all super soft, I wonder if her pussy's soft. I put my hand down the front of her jeans touching her pussy, omg so soft. A minute ago I was completely out of state, in my head, 10 minutes before then I was seriously considering going home now I'm making out with this hot asian feelin up her cooter. I figure it's only a matter of time before a friend comes in to cockblock, I should try to take her home now. I tell her to come get water with me, she agrees. I grab her and right as I turn around some dude comes to get her. I almost wonder if that's some dude she's suposed to be hooking up with it was a weird vibe wasn't sure. I go talk to more girls.

Fast forward I spot this girl by the bar...feel like I've seen her. I go up to her "Hey, you look familiar have we met before?" India/Middleeastern looking girl, turns out I don't know her. She's doing the same thing with her mouth like wanting to catch mine when I lean in to talk. I try to make out with her she's pulling back "Hey you should buy us a drink" she's really persistent about this. I get the vibe she's baiting me to buy her a drink. I ignore it, her friend is telling her to stop trying to tell her she's going to buy her a drink. The friend realizes she left her card open at another side of the club, she leaves us says she will be back. I start making out with the girl she keeps talking about getting her a drink "Look, I have a rule, I don't buy girls drinks till I've fucked them". I start squeezing her ass "I have a long coat no one can see me touching your pussy" She's got one of those one piece dress/shorts combo aka the fingering prevention outfit. She's wearing soft lacey underwear. I start touching her pussy. I think I should move her to another bar so her friend doesn't pull us away. I get distracted in this buy me a drink bullshit/touching her pussy at the bar and trying to communicate in super loud fucking environment. Next time I will grab her hand and move her somewhere quieter. Her friends come to pull her away, the girl is grabbing onto me strong. "Hey 2 minutes!" friend's not budging "I know her from before! 2 minutes". Didn't want to be forceful and make it awkward, let it go.

Other stuff happened, not as eventful. I recognized the key was noticing girls inviting the open so I walked around intentionally looking for this. I approached one girl she tells me my hands are very soft I tell her it's because it's my job. She asks what I do and I tell her I'm an escort. Her energy shifts, she's into it she seems attracted. She asks me if she's on the clock, tells me I'm smooth. I grab her hand ask her how good a kisser she is she tells me very good but she's a lesbian. I tell her we both have a lot in common, she agrees. She tells me she's serious that she's a lesbian though shows me an "=" tattoo on her wrist for equality of marriage or whatever. Introduces me to her friend who just left the bathroom she's a hottie, they leave.

The key things at play tonight for me were noticing I was experiencing the symptoms of resistance instead of thinking the symptoms were real (feeling out of it, not interested in socializing was resistance) and noticing IOIs and going in.

What I'll put in tomorrow is create some kind of short hand words for my friends and I so they know right away when there's a girl inviting them to approach if they aren't seeing it since those will likely be the strongest interactions since they're actively inviting it in.

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Good stuff. And

Good stuff. And I love telling girls I'm a hooker. Fucking best shit ever 


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