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So I'm at this club, and quite honestly I haven't been to one in a while. I've lost some momentum for the environment and felt out of place. 

Im inside of the club, chilling with my friends, feeling out the place a bit. I start to come into myself a bit, but still feel a bit shy and working a bit out of fear. I come to accept that its there. I see girls surrounding me and my friends, they are trying to proximity the fuck out of us. At first Im being lame and not doing anything to go in. I need to loosen up a bit. I just tune into myself and begin to socialize with who ever is around. Nothing to serious, just because I actually want to talk. I believe fear stops many of us from doing the very thing we were all made to do, communicate. This moment I wouldn't let it do that to me.

I see two girls sitting across from one another just talking. I am standing with my friend. I quickly tap one girl and turn back around like it didn't happen. I do it again. This time when she turns to her friend, I go to the friend a put my friend over my mouth and want her to go along with it. She starts laughing and blows my cover. Im snickering a bit to the girl how she is not a good partner and this could never work. She giggles a bit before I go back to talking to my friend.

I am talking to my friend and she walks past me, I place my finger on the top of her head and say "SPIN" and she starts spinning as I go "DREIDAL DREIDAL DREIDAL". I am purely doing this for my self amusement. She is laughing her ass off, but her caca looking friend wanted to go and she went with.

I end up seeing her a little later as she walks past. I see her and go to grab her and kinda miss, so it looks awkward, I kinda go with it and just freeze there. I turn to her and start laughing cause people were just like wtf lmao. Me and her are laughing to eachother, and I am giving her shit cause I looked so awkward and she didn't go with it. I have her in my grasp. We are just talking and I am extremely sexual with the way I look at her. I observe her like this filet mignon I am about to devour. I am telling her these little nothings to her that are making her not leave my proximity even though I back away from her. I say something that is a bit over the line for her about her boobs in front of my friend, basically pointing out that they were nice. I asked him after if that was too much, to which he did say yea. (after she left)

We eventually break off for a bit probably cause of that statement, or that I lacked enough direction in what I was doing. I go to my friend and say just watch my girl's friend, and distract her for a bit. I go out of the area for a bit just to get some fresh air. I come back into her area and she is surrounded my girls and guys. Literally no shits given I go between all of em and grab her. The look on her face told me she was waiting for me. She went from a neutral look to extremely happy. Her friends didn't stop her or say a word to me. My body said it all.

I bring her off the stage and to the main dance floor. I say something like "its pretty crowded over here, we need some good ol space from this". She is a bit resistant at first cause she thinks that she has an obligation to her friends. My frame is stronger and she comes with me. I take her to the dance floor and have her dance up on me. When I am ready to dance ill dance. I pull her into me and she is trying to kiss me now, I am not giving it up that easily. I then turn her to face me and begin to make her body. I brush my hands over her bum, her luscious tits, and at times i would lightly pull her hair cause I enjoy to. She then begins to kiss me and I go with it. I would after continue to tease her for the kiss from time to time cause I find it fun. I then grab her to bring her to another part of the club. Her friends were near by so she was comfortable with em. I go look at all these weirdos over here, we dont need to be around this. She agrees and comes with me to another part of the club. I have her sit down until this bouncer comes over and says that its closed over here. I ignore him and continue to chill with my girl. The bouncer comes back and says it again, I play dumb and bring my girl back to where we were. She is with me and her whole group of friends are leaving and she is with them. I grab her number and say bye to her.

Soon after she leaves:

Me: Yo (Girl) its CreamyCock. Make sure your careful with that pepper spray

Her: Wish I didn't have to leave

Me: You dont really have to go back to dirty jerz

Her: Unfortunately I do (Broken heart emoji)

Me: Lameeee

Me: Mandatory insta check! This way I know youre not a lunatic

Her: Instagram 

Her: I aint crazy

Me: Ighttt

Me: Nice dr seuss quote

Her: First person to notice 

Her: Ur great

By mistake follow her on my food insta instead of my personal

Her: What are you??? (number) followers mr. (food insta)

Me: Ohh shit that was my food insta hahah

Me: Thanks bebe I appreciate the late night motivation

Me: Are you usually in NYC

Her: When I can, Im in F***a a lot though

Me: I mean boca is sooo much better than here

Me: Grannie (That area is known for old people)

Her: Yeah its alright (sunglasses emoji) Cant wait to go back

Her: How many freakin instagrams do you have

Me: Thats too bad, Im probably warmer than Florida thanks to my beanie (inside joke)

Me: I dabble on insta, no big deal

No answer after that

Next day:

Me: Hows my third favorite brat doing?

Her: Shes doing great THANKS (closed eyes smiling emoji?)

Her: (angel emoji)

I call her up. No answer

Me: Answer yo phone silly

A while later

Me: Or not....

Some things I did learn:

  • Sexual vibe can be demonstrated without saying anything. It's just who you are. Girls can smell this.
  • I needed to either isolate her more, really demonstrate some more sexual things like going up her skirt or placing her hand on my cock so she knew this was on, and not just another hook up. 
  • Communicate with my friend more to wing it. Kid literally sat there doing nothing, couldve easily distracted her friend who was in the way of a potential lay. OR just a better wing
  • Texting needs more direction from what I can tell. Seems like she lost momentum or saw nothing happening in the future cause of the distance.
  • I dont need to kiss the girl if I dont want to. I think its kinda childish to be standing on the middle of the dance floor making out in front of everyone. No one needs to know my business.
  • Figure more direction and be more creative with isolating for a lay. It was very cold out so no way of fucking her outside. Luckily my boy was the doorman so I could've possibly asked him for a good spot in the club.
  • Move quicker.

Any advice on this? Texting per se. I might not be seeing things you guys are seeing. THANK YAH

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At the end of the night, dont

At the end of the night, dont just get the number to "get the number". Try to find out what shes doing tomorrow and set up a date, THEN get the number. I think u were saying she was traveling, so it seems like logistics just cockblocked you here.