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FR - Kate Beckinsale looking chick - great self-expression, weak leading...

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So this FR is not the typical quality on the forum. I just wanted to write it out, see where I'm at now, what can I improve etc.  I've been going out more regularly lately, and start to get better reactions overall from my approaches. 


I was overall satisfied with my self-expression and showing (unapologetic) intent, which has been weak points of mine. I also had this 'it's your fault, what are you doing to me' frame throughout, actually that was the first time I 'implemented' it. Leading was shitty and I'm happy to learn more about it during the program. I've to sort of remind myself more about it, I tend to just stay and roll with the moment for too long and not making things happen. Or give up attempts to soon or not implement properly. 


Thursday night:


I was approaching a tall chick smoking near the entrance, after like 3 seconds her phone rings, friend joins a bit, we talk only like 1 minute, they are going home. I felt there was no point in taking a number, or going out with them, so that was it. After they left I noticed two girls (with 2 guys) next to me, I immediately open one, addressing her dress. They both are intensely listening to me, asking about me, my job etc. I'm in a good, talkative flow. They are on holidays, staying with 2 other people but only 2 of them are out tonight. I tell her it's going to be a short, but intense romance.


The brunette in the dress looks like Kate Beckinsale, is the one I'm more attracted to and also speaks very good English, unlike her blond friend. After a few minute I'm saying we should go dance, they tell me they just turned down the offer of these 2 guys, so they don't really want to go now, it would look stupid. So I figure out that they just met here, I still want to move them, and as it's their first time I offer to show them around. Unfortunately, parts of the place is closed, but there are other parts we could go. I tell the brunette to drag her friend (she was talking to another guy at this point). 


Back to the original place, now I want to go with the brunette, but she wants to stay with the occupied blond friend. We have great eye contact, I blame her on seducing me with her attractive haircut, I lean in a bit to smell her hair. But also go back so don't put too much pressure on her. We've this rhythm for a while with light touches. I try to move her again a bit later, but still stays because of the friend. 


I'm very free while talking, not filtering much. I tell her I want to go to Columbia because of big fake tits and great weather. It turns out she is quite intelligent, lives now in Germany, speaks more languages. 

I have this playful vibe with her, pointing out that it's her fault that I'm attracted to her. 


I fail to seed the pull however... I was going for a small compliance which I didn't really get, at least did not try the right way.... She tells me they don't plan anythings special for tomorrow, so I'm not really pressured by time, but not stepping up enough. There are multiple guys coming in talking to her and the friend. 


They tell me they're going to the bathroom and head home. I tell them we should get breakfast, she wants to go to bed. This is where are realize how fucked up things are. The place is shortly before closing, and I'm here with little logistical information, not leading enough. 


While they're on the toilet I talk with a buddy, a pick up coach btw, he says we can go to his place if she likes the other chick. A dude who was talking to her number-closes her when she is coming back, she seems like having fun so it's good for the buying temperature I guess, I'm not here to get a tourists number.


So we roll with them, she is not entertained by another venue idea. Actually, there is another guy on the blond chick, so my buddy leaves and we walk in small little couples. I keep the playful vibe, she has a thick coat on, unfortunately, I don't escalate physically much, grab her ass a bit while walking or shortly holding her hand (she gave some shit about it, as the blond was holding already hand with the other dude) 


It turns out she is 9 years older than me, she plays cool about it, but I feel some reaction there. My plan is to try to get into the apartment and hope there is some place I can isolate. not very promising, but there is a chance. I also let her know already that I've to pee, which is true and makes the classic reasoning more solid.


I try to kiss her a couple of times during the walk, she turns away, I just kiss her on the cheek, put her hood on her face, pick her up tell her I'm kidnapping her and she'll gonna love it, but we keep on walking. So we get there, the blond and the guy try to find a taxi for the guy. 


Ms. Vampire doesn't have the keys, doesn't want to ring up the others. So just banter with her before the building. I tell her we should get some breakfast till her friend is fucking the other guy. She doesn't comply or am I just too of a pussy? 

Anyways, she turns down my kissing attempts a couple of times, we just hug each other a bit, but sometimes she just pushes me (playfully) away.


She says that eye contact is rather with people she already knows when I point out that she looks away. I ask her if she holds eye contact during sex, she has a look that tells me I have a good point about the importance of eye contact. We compliment each others eyes, she tells me I have even nice teeth lol. I tell her our babies would look amazing. 


Anyways, she tells me she can't bring me up because of the others in the apartment. She is in town for some more days, asks for my number, actually stays the last morning alone, so I already tell her we gonna hang there. She takes my number. 


The blond gets back, admittedly they were looking for a taxi.. Anyways, I try again for the bathroom, no compliance - I bounce home. 

Did I waste my time and should've look for another chick when I didn't get the compliance for moving around? (besides the mini one at first?) 


What was the biggest issue here overall? 

My physical game was again quite weak and bottlenecked with kissing. derp. I stayed unreactive, but it may come across as validation seeking as well.    At least I should've played with a bit of a vampire role especially pointing out her similarities. I think my proximity and the rhythm of it was quite good.


I liked my verbals, and just not filtering myself. She actually pointed out that I talk a lot. I think my eye contact was pretty good, also in the other sets during the night.


Was a great, fun time anyways, definitely a good starting point for future improvement. 


And she actually did not text me, just saved my number, why the fuck didn't I take care of that??? Meh, lot's of things to work on and turn them into automated (unconscious) skills.



It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great (MW)
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Great Write up!

Great write up mate! I wish you the best on the Manwhore Training.  Keep them coming. 

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thanks man, training is great

thanks man, training is great so far, expect some stellar pieces by me later on ;)

Ha she actually messaged me yesterday, telling me it's our 'weekiversary' lol. 

All this from a safe distance (she is back in her town)...


It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great (MW)
I don’t care if she thinks we’re meeting up for a tea party, we’z gonna bang. (MW)
Pick Your Own Damn Sacrifice (Jordan Peterson)

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Sorry bro I usually tend to

Sorry bro I usually tend to ignore these early FR's until after a bit of training. I'm sure you realize by this point why, lol. 


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