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Free Voice Training lesson on Youtube by ROGER LOVE

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I thought this would be helpful for people on this forum.

In this Video, Owen Cook From RSD gets Voice Training from Roger Love for his birthday. At the moment I am doing Roger Love online course. Great course to learn from!


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Lol looks like Rsd might be

Lol looks like Rsd might be finally catching up in the vocals department. I pretty much had the monopoly on teaching "seductive vocals" for years. But yes I've always encouraged everyone to look at Roger Love's stuff. I've added quite a few things from my military days as well as some crazy shit I got from my strip club dj buddy, but vocals/verbals is 70% of game. Get on it! 

P.S. I tried to help out Tyler with his vocals like 6 yrs ago. Glad I didn't tho, just would've been something else he'd have he'd have acquisitioned and pawned off as his own.

P.P.S. This will compare nothing to my vocal training. ;) 


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just watched the entire vid,

just watched the entire vid, Roger Love is a legend no doubt.

​Your vocal training pretty much encapsulates everything they covered here, except yours is also honed for making bitches cream their pants when they hear my voice.

​No lie...I love taking a tinder # to the phone, 3/4 they mention my voice lmao!

My ex's friends would even comment on it, like they didn't expect THAT to come from someone who looks like me


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