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So... I number closed my oldest, closest friends sister. We been talkin' a lot lately. I don't know if I should game this girl or completely drop it. She's really cool, really attractive but the thing is lol I practically grew up with this family. What do you guys think... She seems like a potential LTR type, but like, I don't know how good of an idea this is. I feel like this could be crossing some boundary.


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Just see what happens.

Just see what happens. Escalate when necessary, don't be a pussy with her just because you think you're supposed to that would be retarded, but I could see you doing it lol. She'll lose way more respect for you if you pussyfoot around. 


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Joined: 07/22/2014
Okay I'll just game her like

Okay I'll just game her like anyone else in text or when I see her if the opportunity presents itself. I originally tried not to game her but then I was like fuck it, "Just treat her like any other girl".

This is was the thread from like 2ish days ago.

Started on FB

Me: Hey Blondie, so, I'm walking to school trying to figure out a way to get (friend) back for pranking me with these porn videos in class... Wanna help me out  It's gotta be awesome, something to send him over the top!

Her: Omg ahahahha I heard about that! Payback is defintly required (perfect emoji)  hmmm i don't have any great ideas atm, I'll let Ya know if I think of anything

Me: He got me like 3 times.. Can't walk into that class without the girls thinkin' I'm a perv.. I'll think too and if we have to, we'll get your parents to help :p hahaha

Her: Ahahah yea they probbaly would love to (laughing emoji)

Me: Good! I got a couple ideas but I gotta plan them out a bit more. What's your #? I'll text you instead.

Her: (Number)

Then in text

Me: Hey, it's (name). Save this number

Her: (name) who?

Me: (last name), you goon

Her: Oh ahaha sorry I know a lot of (name)'s

Me: That, or the blonde stereotypes are true :p

Her: Ahha not at all

Me: It's cool, I don't judge. I heard you go to school with (mutual friend)

Her: Yup we have a class together (This is were it got kinda boring logical so I started to think I should just begin to game soon)

Me: Sorry to hear.. He's a bit of a weirdo ahaha.. What program are you in?

Her: Haha I'm in marketing

Me: How's that? Kinda boring I found. I was expecting you to be more interesting than that ahaha

Her: Ya it is boring, like I'm confused idk what to do

Her: Like idk if business is my thing

Me: I changed my mind so many times. What do you like? 

Me: Btw, I won't tell the guys or (brother) we're talking. None of their business and we know how (brother) will get hahaha (I thought I'd reassure her since I was in her basement with her brother and all our friends and she was upstairs)

Her: Lol ya, I just fell asleep super sick, I'm going out tonight so had to be ready

Me: You're nuts, I feel awful after going out sick. You're not 19 yet though I thought?

Her: Ya I know but an age limit can't stop me lol

Me: Woah, little badass eh? LOL You should come drinking with my friends and I then, just don't tell ya bro. He's not usually with us when we are out anyway.

Then end of thread

Will prob have to hit her up soon to prank her bro, he got me so good lol... I'll give it like 4-5 days maybe. Unless she re-engages. I think I'm going over there in a bit though, to chill with the guys for a bit.

Whatcha guys think?


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar