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Joined: 11/16/2013

Three things I'm getting by the end of 2015:

1. Motorcycle

2. Tattoo 

3. Lasik surgery 

Oh and I'm moving to SF in two days.

But I just moved our entire sales team to Austin, so I'm going to have to move out there to live within the next 3-4 months, so I only got a short time in SF. Austin is crazy legit though, so I'm not even trippin

I literally was out there for SXSW and was like, "Yo this would be a DOPE spot for us to be" and BOOM made that shit happen

Joined: 11/16/2013
This is one I'm looking at

This is one I'm looking at right now:

It's one of the newer ones coming out of japan emulating the cruiser-style but a lot quicker. 

Just so fucking bad ass

Joined: 01/18/2012
That's fucking GREAT. Fuck

That's fucking GREAT. Fuck D.C., Austin is way better. 

Just make sure you do the training for riding the motorcycle, mang. I've taken every single course I can.. four now to be exact and I'm looking to do more. Beginner course, skilled rider course, and two wheelie classes. Want to get some track training in as well for cereal advanced riding e.g. getting my knee down to the ground. I don't want to harp on the fact riding a motorcycle is dangerous because I'm sure all your relatives are telling you all kinds of ridiculous stories, lol. Just suffice to say that being able to handle your bike reflexively and with skill will save your life. I sorta can't help but ride mine at over 100mph through traffic, but it's because I'm trained to control it pretty effectively, I stay away from cars and plan ahead and always have an exit plan. People are dumb for sure and it will seem like some are trying to hit you, but as long as you're aware you can control for these things. 

I remember we were discussing tattoos on here a couple years ago. Still working on the art for my 2nd one ;) 


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Joined: 11/16/2013
LOLdude i brought it up with


dude i brought it up with my dad who I actually have kinda a legit relationship with now, and I guess he had one, and rode it across country. But yeah, he wasn't super thrilled, and basically just told me I'm an idiot if I tell my mother

My sister freaked out but she also thinks its cool as shit

so yeah - my mom- well i'm just not going to tell her.... it's for her own benefit not to know