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Been lurking for 3 months, but only started with text gaming and tinder about 4 weeks ago after my gf and I split.

Anyways, Im looking for assistance with this chick on tinder. Her tinder description goes "17//Rugby, wrestling, cheer <3 party life * Christian 420 friendly".

So I go for my own opener using the info she provided and believe I end up fucking it up by sending 2 msgs back to back, making the second too long and over-flirting. Let me know.

Another contributing factor to my failure couldve been how god damned tired I was, as it was like 11pm after a 10hr shift at work.


So it went like this:

Me: You a good christian or bad? ;P

HB: depends on how you look at things ;)

Me: I can forgive you for committing certain sins ;)

HB: I dont need forgiveness <3

(Heres where I fuck it up..)

Me: Bahaha that works for me!

Me: Cheerleader eh, youd sound good as my bedroom acrobat ;)'

So no response in a day, and shes been active. I dont feel needy about getting her because I have plenty of other options, but she seemed super chill and did react well earlier.

So let me know how chodey I am, how I shouldve responded to what she said, and maybe give me a good idea on how to re-engage :)

Im basically a total noob and need all the brutal constructive criticism I can get!

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Yes you jumped the gun with

Yes you jumped the gun with the "bedroom acrobat" bit after the initial response to her not needing "forgiveness" ;) 

You're probably sunk, but to reengage you could go with some sort of high octane reengagement type text, maybe some sort of funny twist on religion. Just an idea 


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