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Fusion between gf and the new cool girl you are banging

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Joined: 06/23/2016

I ll keep my question short :How did you guys managed(if you ever did/tried) to get your gf to meet a new girl that you talk to(aka bang) and feel she is cool and would make a nice love story if all 3 of you would live in peace and dirty sex?I have to admit that this Johnny Soporno shit is way over my game and would appreciate some help.

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So you've got a girlfriend

So you've got a girlfriend Andrew? As well as another girl you're fucking? 


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Joined: 06/23/2016

I ll try to sum up the story.For 2 years i know this "official" girl i  go out with and to events and stuff...socially my gf.I have little to no complains to her (only minor "love me more love...long term simptoms" that i think i handle correctly and put her in line.I the first year we got 2gether like once a week or two...because i was living in another city no far away.In that time i was on my thing with other girls problem.But for 3 months she came to my city as well for study.I did not wanted to move in with her because i m sort of a one man show lets say i m ok alone with my space...she said also that she doesnt want this so thats great.But now i see why the need to constantly meet and fuck new women is crucial...when i did that i was always eager to meet her again and fuck her...because i was that constant switch in tempo between one type of girl and another.For the last 3 months i did not fuck other girl then her (exept lately when a girl i have talked to about 5 6 months ago hit me up from the blue to go out with her...and now i m fooling around with her as well...which is great).

My point here is that,by not fucking other girls i felt slowly that the connection flat lined in some way.Yeah,i would fuck her and it would be great...but a certain amount of routine started to appear.And its not the way we fuck cause we do the nasty stuff and talking dirty and all that good shit.I dont feel like going out with her ...doing all that fluffy stuff...go eat somewhere etc.

I was wondering if its normal or am i doing something wrong?She is ok from what i see ,with the ideea of fucking girls but when i slightly pushed the ideea of getting all 3 of us with other girls,she was not so ...sweet about it .I guess she wants my genitals only for herself...selfish bish :))ha

Joined: 06/23/2016

Its the ideea that i do not want to lie about the fact that i fuck other girls.Lately she pushes those "are you fucking other girls you bastard?" lines on me...half as a joke...half seriously.I always say "yeah...these city need me ...somebody gotta do them right".But in this small city its a matter of time till we can meet i could be with another girl and that should not create a war...i want to avoid that.

I hope this was a good thread for the forum...and i know the subject was touched previously in other forum posts but it could be a good reminder i think. Thank you

Joined: 06/23/2016

Update:For some i felt like i should detach a bit from my gf and keep it again to a once a week thing.Interesting shit happend:

For starters,she starts giving me that old shiz with "you fucking other girls" "we dont talk much" etc.And i go like..."yeah...i gotta do my job...but i have one dick so i cant fuck them all".This is nothing ..easy to deal with.

The new crap she told me made me say "Fo real bitch?really?".I was talking about buying some new clothes and i used a expression like "shitload" at which she said:"dont talk like that...what a horrible adjective bla bla"...Bitch shut the fuck up,you tell me all that nasty shit when we fuck and u try to catch me with this shit now?Oh no.I put her ass back to her seat firmly and after a bit she basically said :"I try to give you shit when i can".Well how about that:))I think its funny to be honest.