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Gal is in France. How do I keep her warm until meetup

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Me: mefistofelez  - from league

Me: :)

Her: Gal - from the league. Hi from Paris! 

Me: Bonjuour mademoiselle- wow you went all the way to Paris just to grab me a baguette, even for my standards that's impressive :) 

Her: Oh I do nothing in half measures

Her: And the baguettes were definitely worth the trip

Me: Hehe I like a woman who knows to not cut corners ;) 

Me: So they gonna letcha back into the country any time soon or do I gotta march over to customs with my whiffle bat

Her: Haha I suspect they're going to be happy when I leave - coming home next weekend.

Me: Oh gawd perfect timing- planning a bank robbery and in need of a lookout. You game?

Her: Oh definitely 

Her: Terrible driver though - so don't let me near the getaway car 

Me: Yeah obviously, I'll handle the driving. Got anything that could distract anyone- stop em' dead in their track while I handle the rest :)

Her: Pretty confident i can think of something 

Me: Oh yeah? Well wtvr it is don't forget it in France- I'm gonna need to do a thorough inspection of all our supplies prior to the mission! 

Her: I can commit to that.

Me: :)

so yeah, she's in France for a bit. Anything I should be doing in the meantime before we kick down this meetup? Or just ignore for a bit and text closer to next weekend or wtvr 

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Hit her up a few times over

Hit her up a few times over the week with something cocky funny and/or some memes. Do not try and finalize anything cuz' shes just not gonna be super receptive while on vacation in freakin France. Then, reenage with the big guns after she's home. She will probbaly be wiped out from the trip so don't expect much right away.

Joined: 05/26/2017
Cool. Thanks for the all the

Cool. Thanks for the all the help on these threads my man. Sounds pretty standard. Yeah nuthin special or wtvr bout this text thread or gal just been out of the game for a while so tryna make sure I cover the basics even if I think I know them.