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Long story short,i meet this girl on hot or not and exchanged 4 or 5 messages and then she went gone...for about 1 month or more...then,a few days ago,she sends me a "hey,how are you?" and after i respond she gives me her fb so we can move over there.

  After i asked her if she was alive and stuff she tells me some nonsense and then asks me if i could go out with her on a walk(i m is going on).While she sent me this she answered my question about her last month and she told me she travelled a bit and visited HER BOYFRIEND that lives a long distance from where i m at :))again,i m like wtf and ask her...ok girl,u say u have a boyfriend?and she goes "yeah...i know what u mean...but its COMPLICATED....i m too tired to write now,i will explain face to face" .

   I was in another city that night so i said to her we will meet when i come back(2 days from now) and see whats up.

  We didn't chat so much but she told me that she cooks well so i told her it might be a fair trade for her to make me something to eat and i will give her a massage and buy some wine...she said "hmmm....hold your horses// we will see about that //u know i have a boyfriend" .I came with some conclusions and i learned from this forum how to handle this stuff but its a first for me :)) when it comes to girls with bf .What do you think about it?

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Just meet up under "typical"

Just meet up under "typical" social pretensions then escalate as normal. Easy. You're putting your foot in your mouth with whatever "game" you think you're running here. Keep it simple 


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Joined: 07/22/2015
Thanks man

i will come back with the result

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i know

yeh...but its crazy how the throw this false barrier out there...

i also have to ask u guys how u handle this over text?or simply ignore it and change the subject?

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yep...i was thinking in the same lines...thank you guys