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Sup fellas.

The other day when my buddies and I were shootin' the shit, I left my phone on the table and my friend messaged some chick I barely talk to. Actually, a friend and I broke this girl's relationship up by accident in high school lol. Anyway, they messaged her "Wanna bang" which is pretty funny but I told her it wasn't me. I later decided to just game her anyway. 

This is the convo. Ended last night. Let me know what you guys think and what direction I should take this. Considering messaging her again today. 

Her: No worries haha

Me: I'm surprised worse wasn't said

Her: Haha was that you ?

Me: Haha no, I'm a shy guy

Her: I wouldn't know lol

Me: I don't think you'd want too

Me: On the other hand, we could just start from scratch

Her: Alrighty then

Her: How are you

Me: Wrong, all wrong

Me: I'll start

Her: Okay okay

Me: Hey I'm (Name). What's your name?

Her: Hey, I'm (name). Also not very good at this whole texting thing, sorry just got off work 

(Usually I take longer than her to reply, but this time I didn't reply until the next day)

Me: Interesting name. I know this is random but I saw you walking and had to come talk to you

Her: Um okay, I don't know about you but I believe we are texting right now haha

Me: Texting is boring, I'm adding a fun dynamic :p 

(I'm straight up fucking around lol)

Her: Interesting

Me: Are you from around here? You've got a familiar look to you 

Her: I look like I belong in (Hometown)? Lol what

Me: LOL what.. What would that even look like

Her: Well that's what you're trying to say if I'm not mistaking so you tell me! 

Her: Ahaha you're so confusing man I dunno 

Me: hahaha idk if I should laugh at you or help you rn 

Her: Sos

Me: I had high hopes that you could break the blonde stereotype :p

Her: Now you're calling my a dumb blonde.. Ouchhhhh Your sarcastic approach at starting a conversation with a girl could use some work that's all I'm saying (2 blonde girl emojis)

(Super aggressive shit test?)

Me: the world MUST be ending.. i think i'm completely pumpkin pie'd out (covering mouth emoji)

Her: pumpkin pie is the best !

Me: how do you like yours

Her: There's only one way to eat urn

Her: *it

Me: if it's your first time maybe, don't tell me you like it plain

Her: Well can't go wrong with some whipped cream 

Her: *Sends Pic of cool trees and webs at night*

Her: Fun fact I just came across this on my walk(heart eyes emoji) anyways goodnight!

Me: french vanilla breyers + caramel syrup + pumpkin pie = you're welcome

Me: later blondie

Her: Whoa unreal combo 

Her: Lateerrrs 

For a girl thats in a long term relationship, she seems very receptive. Although it is a long distance one now. Thoughts? I think I could pull this off if I commit to it. Was sort of testing the waters


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What I was considering doing

What I was considering doing was inviting her out to the club I bartend at. It would help with social proof and what not and she would probably be more comfortable that way.

I doubt she would meet one on one considering her reputation, people know her and know me.

Any alternatives? Maybe I'll shoot her a text today or wait a few days. Could use better insight, I never game girl's with bf's so this is a bit different for me. I'm sure the game aspect is the same though.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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YES. Ive been in this

YES. Ive been in this situatiion before. Girl texting who has the bf is super responsive. You're doing a great job of keeping things playful. Girls love that validation/good emotions/curiosity that come from a new guy texting them. And since you got the MW education on texting, its almost guaranteed you are sending more engaging texts than her bf does LOL. The minute you express interest or suggest a "date" the boyfriend response will come up. Like kimnasty said, keep it casual. Invite her out to something SOCIAL. Think Alex method. Make sure you include the words "you and your friends" with the invitiation. Then get some quality face time in with her and see if she's worth the trouble. I feel like that girls with boyfriends its more like a marathon rather than a race. Then again, there are always exceptions. Feel her out in person and find out for yourself.

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I love your thinking on

I love your thinking on this.

What do you mean by the Alex method?

I think maybe I'll banter a bit more and then eventually invite her out to a social event or to swing by the bar so I can get a better feel for her. I can't do any of this in just text messages, of course. The funny thing is, my friend and I have literally broken this couple up before in high school, I might have some pull with her from the looks of it. 

As for continously hitting her up... the only thing I didn't like was she ended the convo last although, she invested quite a bit before leaving.

How often do you guys recommend hitting her up via text and going back and forth before setting a meet up..given the situation? I was contemplating sending a message today or tomorrow. I figure the more mysterious and fun I am, the better.

Meanwhile.. I started working at this night club.. the servers are so hot lol I'm going to be having fun with that.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar