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Gay messages that you had the balls not to send

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Seems like a good time to start a fails compilation, as I've noticed myself taking things a bit too seriously and trying too hard as I brush the rust off my emotional leadership skills.

Going to balance this out on my end with some journaling about my personal vision and focusing on "how" over "why" (tolle), but y'all get the good juicy stuff, as I'm going to be doing my best to be as mindful as possible in each interaction, observing the false patterns that creep in and attempt to sabotage and instead using them to destabilize the minds hold on my actions as we are all relieved I DIDNT SAY THAT PUSSY ASS SHIT... and whenever I still say something a lil fruity, and it shows, Ill post that too for good measure...

No promises about how often Ill get around to posting, but still keeping a running log.

Ex: Time of day I think it'd be cute to make her squirm in her shorts
List the ways that that sharing about my life right now could lead the lil buttsquirrel towards looking forwards to a rambunctious and devil may care rendezvous
List the ways that sharing about my life right now could strip away her insecurities, worry and stress (relate it back to her)
List stupid shit I've said in the past that still comes to mind, conflicts with A & B. BURN IT.
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No. This sort of stupidity

No. This sort of stupidity will absolutely not be allowed on the forum.


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Joined: 06/06/2019
Haha shiit if it's gonna

Haha shiit if it's gonna pollute the forum like that, then yeah, I'll keep it off of here, MW.

Inevitably there is gonna be some serious chump crap in there that imma look back and laugh my ass off about and be grateful I never said that...
I definitely want to add more intention and focus to my interactions though, so I don't want to let this get in the way of my mindful awareness of my being, it'd be easy to go down the rabbit hole of perfection and use it as an excuse to worry and wait meaninglessly, Tolle no-nos.