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Yo so I hit up some whiteboards last week, and finally got the shit to hang em' up, and they're on my wall now- finally..

What do you all use em' for? I have 2 right now, but I'm thinking I may need a few more. Discuss

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Daily goals, weekly goals,

Daily goals, weekly goals, quotes, the possibilities are endless. 

I have one small one that I use specifically for daily goals. I'll be upgrading to a huge one when I get my own place.

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Whiteboards are the King-shit

Whiteboards are the King-shit of Fuck Mountain.

WRITTEN MONTHLY BUDGET... Huge. Write down were all your money needs to go from biggest expense to smallest (or by priority) before the beginning of the month and stick to it with a vengeance.

BTW getting out of debt is the first thing that needs to be handled if you want to build wealth. Cut up credit cards, so you will never use them again. and write down every debt you have smallest to largest, then start paying the smallest off first, once that's paid, roll what you were paying on to the next biggest and get that paid off quickly and so on, until you are debt free. It's an amazing thing to have.

I also use mine to jot down any ideas that I have, and prioritize tasks. Maybe put a few pictures on it.


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Staying immersed in what you

Staying immersed in what you have to get done. I'm not sure if you pursue anything outside of work but if you do you need to break it up into big and small goals and chunk them up on this thing. Have a running list of "To Do's" 


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All of this is money.  I'm

All of this is money. 

I'm going to get a few more so I can lay all this shit out. The ones I have are kinda small, so I'm just oging to line them up next to eachother and make a giant board out of the smaller ones:

-Financial Information//Goals

-Non-work related goals: Broken down into short//medium//long-term

--Running list of "To-Do's"

--Daily habits


-General life-goals, broken down into smaller parts 

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Getting a whiteboard was one

Getting a whiteboard was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can't imagine having little ones. I think you should just suck it up and buy a big one.

I also put general rules/theories (for marketing and such) to keep in mind on mine.

Don't forget motivation. It's probably the most important part.


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Manwhore and I discussed

Manwhore and I discussed whiteboards in a previous session before and yes, they're amazing

I use it for something different than what others have said but I feel it's the most powerful addition to my life.  It's the ability to make hard, concrete decisions. This article explains the technique I use on the whiteboard here...

but I'll try to give you my unique gist of it,

anytime you're ever feeling slightly unsure, kind of in this low anxiety that's either out of control,

or a little too relaxed that you feel you're veering off and this mode you're in isn't right, like you waste so much time thinking about things and it isn't getting anywhere

it's probably because of some decision you're not making, something in your life that's bothering you and burdening you,

to pinpoint it just for a whole day what is the theme of what you think about whenever you're by yourself just pondering your life?

Write it down on the whiteboard, the key is that you can erase immediately

just write down any vague thing that's bothering you, like "My future" at the top

then continue branching out about it in two list format, on the left what you want, on the right what you don't want

for example let's say the feeling is on the wife topic

at the top




when it's laid out there like that with a longer list and whatever your brain shits out, you come up with an action step, you come up with an alignment back into your direction

I feel like if you're a man living his life right, there should never be a topic that comes up in conversation where you respond "Yeah I really gotta figure it out..."


having a whiteboard as a tool means you can solidify your next action step, and as a man this is as freeing a feeling as it gets when you know exactly what the fuck

you've gotta do next, and you're not stuck in this purgatory that something is wrong and I don't know what I just know something's off feeling

there's something amazing about really writing things out and seeing it laid out there on a whiteboard, that relief of clarity

so if you ever feel like your thoughts are being dominated by something, if you feel like you're not stepping up in some way, or if you feel like that way you've been going about things just seems off, even if you don't know then as a man you've got to figure it out.  Sit in front of the whiteboard, and find out what's bothering you and find that next action step

Fuck all this laying around brooding about something, you should never think "something's wrong in my life I just don't know what fuuuuck"

Put it all down in the whiteboard, and realign your compass

wrote this out quick so I hope it makes sense and it's valuable, but having a whiteboard was definitely a game changer to the way I can just man up and make decisions for my life

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what soze are your

what soze are your whiteboards?

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I got a huge 8 foot by 6 foot

I got a huge 8 foot by 6 foot whiteboard set up in my room not too long ago. The best decision I have ever made. Got my daily schedule, important events, workouts, classes, important contact info, goals, pretty much everything posted up on that bad boy.


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I have a picture of myself on

I have a picture of myself on my whiteboard laughing and giving the camera the finger

it makes me feel good :)