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Getting back to basics with my favorite stripper

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First post on MW forums. Found out about you bebs a month or so ago from being a long time RSD member and used a couple lines from the database to close a girl I met a party the next day so THANKS.

Moving on.

TLDR: Reinitiating a stripper over text, what stance to take next? Proceed to conversation.

Backstory: fuck buddies with this stripper for a few months but feelings started coming into play quickly for both of us because of how well we "clicked"

I had a good bit of beta (or personal preference) apprehension at first because she was indeed a stripper lol.

I'm over that barrier now but our little shenanigan ended in October.

She's a fackin' 10 and ive fucked a few women since but none of the past girls ive slept, all of whom were atleast S8's, can compare.

Between that and the chemistry we shared I still think about her from time to time.

I've had a couple short conversations with her but decided to shoot some texts at her up 2 nights ago. Bang bang.

(10:29 PM) Me: Yo are you still alive these days

(10:29 PM) Her: Barely 

(10:30 PM) Me: Rough. Should I call a hearse (skull emoji)

(10:30 PM) Her: Yes please (German flag emoji)

(10:32 PM) Me: Ok so a German hearse. And have it playing no good by depeche mode right (a song we both like, so cute)

(10:41 PM) Her: Fuck yes

(10:48 PM) Me: I'd ring the funeral bells but t swift came on and fucked it all up

(10:48 PM) Me: Where Kanye

(11:13 PM) Her: Damn u!!

(2:35 AM)    Her: I miss u!

(10:05 AM)  Me: Likewise miss (last name). Whatcha been up to??

Keep in mind Im decently sure she was stripping at the time of our conversation lmao.

So she couldve said she misses me because she felt vulnerable blah blah. 

I realize the last text I sent was kind of fuckin weak and probs shouldnt have said that first part at all.

My mindset here was to have a casual back and forth for a little bit then go for a meetup the next day.

Like as in a "You still eat food right? come to so and so with me and start a food fight" or some stupid shit like that.

At this point Im not so sure a double text is in order, I'm considering calling her and tell her to go shopping with me I need avocados to spread on her face like a tribal warrior lol that just came to mind.

What kind of mindset or step should I be looking to take here? Any feedback is welcomed, thanks in advance bbys.

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Just be direct about it dude.

Just be direct about it dude. You're being timid that's seen as gay by strippers. Read my "Fast & Furious" free chapter from the text game it's listed in the "Best of" stickied thread. 


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