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This girl called me out! "So this is your routine"

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Joined: 03/03/2013

First of all this girl is one of the very few legit funny girls Ive ever met in my life. Even as far as I set up a joke for myself using callback humor and she beat me to the punchline! NO girl has EVER done that

She dropped that line when I had her pushed up against a wall in the alley outside of the bar where I took her for drinks, made jokes, told stories, steadily escalated etc..oh shit so it is kinda like a routine!

I was kissing her up against this wall and she stoppes me to insist its a routine. I of course played dumb, but she pressed. Finally she said, "Its either a routine or you're a ladies man."

Shit-eating grin, guilty as charged haha

Joined: 01/18/2012
Pff. Maybe in a couple yrs

Pff. Maybe in a couple yrs


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