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Girl had me come over last night after a date to fuck her

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We had some fun a while ago but when it became clear to me that she wanted something serious I let her go. She texted me two nights ago after 3 weeks of no contact and basically asked if we could be fuckbuddies.

So I went over there last night after some chump paid for her dinner. She told me she went on 3 dates in 4 days with 2 guys, so the one last night was a second date. NEITHER guy kissed her or attempted to kiss her--I fucked her the first night.

I kinda want to talk to the guy last night because he ordered something for dinner that she's ambulance allergic to and he did it anyway after she told him. Wonder if he thought it was a "challenge accepted!" scenario.

These guys need coaching because this chick is literally begging for dick and they DIDN'T EVEN TRY!

She had to lower herself to ask for it from a man who rejected her. That sucks.

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Dude, you should be THANKING

Dude, you should be THANKING these guys. Without them she wouldnt have hit you up. Its kinda fucked up but I would love it if there was a way to set up girls im seeing with morons to go out on dates because all it does is cause her to have more attraction for me. 

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^ Sure if you're just purely

^ Sure if you're just purely a selfish prick. He's making another point entirely


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Yeah I see his point, but Im

Yeah I see his point, but Im a realist when it comes to this stuff. 97% of the guys out there just dont get how to date & hook up. Im pointing out his story was also a clear example of that.