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What's good fellow pimps.

So my girlfriend of 2 years is back home in Sweden. It's an open long distance relationship every time we're apart. It's just healthy that way because we're going to have our needs and temptations are almost certainly going to be there. Freedom is good ;) 

She has come to visit me 3 times so far for 3 months at a time. Talk about dedication. So we talked about it being my turn to go over and visit during the summer because I never have. With the season approaching and i'm trying to get my hands on tickets asap because prices EASILY double and triple with time passing lol. Thus last week i threw a friendly reminder on Facebook to coordinate the summer soon, her response was "Right we can talk about it this weekend a little bit" which i thought was a bit dismissive and unuasual of her to be honest haha. Here's a little bit of what happened after:

ME: Cool

HER: You van be cool 

HER: ;)

ME: van be cool? lol

ME: OH nvm

HER: Haha cute with some emojis

ME: *sent her GIF*

HER: Haha he looks a bit too scary though

ME: Lol ok*

HER: Naaaww dooschen da (it's our inside thing to insinuate something is cute or "awww poor little thing")

---4 days later----

ME: Dooschen we're still coordinating or nah?

Normally she puts in the effort to follow up/engage and very quick. It usually just feels natural. It's been 5 days and she's said nothing even though i know for a fact that she has read the question. Me being stubborn i absolutely refuse to fall for what seems to be a setup for me to chase her. Sometimes i'm up at late night chatting up family abroad on Facebook and I notice that she's online too. That or she's been on frequently and it's like WTF lol.

Anyways I want to know you guys' perspective on this?

I could call her out on it maybe in a teasing manner, play sitting duck until she engages, or re-engage with something interesting and pretend that nothing happened. 

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Don't be a little kid. Yes

Don't be a little kid. Yes women require a little bit of prying. Get off the pua ego kick. See what's up

Do you care about her? Show it


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Yes sir!BTW didn't you have

Yes sir!

BTW didn't you have an article that covered this type of PUA ego issue and guys afraid to be needy which ultimately holds them back?

I could swear you posted it on here in maybe the past 6 months, but you may have deleted it :P

I never got the chance to go through it thoroughly.

There are several examples of this issue and it's been a pattern i adopted for the past 3 years till this very minute. Playing sitting duck has worked here and there but this is not the way i'm trying to live my life to be honest. I've had girls who were friends with girls one of my roommates would see. We would hit it off great. I recently found out from him one drunk night that they all told him that i gave them vibe that i did not care about them at all. Which makes sense because i've legit sensed resentment from them once i ran into them again. I asked my girlfriend about it too a few months back, she said the same thing lol. In essence i'm getting all this VERY consistent feedback and not doing anything about it. 

This ego stuff is real because i've met other dudes, most that come from the PUA scene, that operate on the same poisonous mindset.

Thanks for the input Jon.

P.S and don't be afraid to be harsh with me, that shit is a strong stimuli for me as much as i hate it ;)