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Girls who wont hold hands but will let you grab their ass.

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Speciffically on first dates. Whats going on with these girls? I usually fuck them at the end of the date. Do they just view me as casual sex and theyre trying not to build an emotional connection?

And when I say I grab their ass on the date I dont mean I grabbed it without their permission. I mean that they have given me permission to grab it to make sure its up to my usual standards. I typically then have access for the rest of the date. But hand holding is still a no go. Meaning they will pull their hand away after 5 to 10 seconds.

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Probably because it's a

Probably because it's a remnant of childhood from when your mom used to hold your hand when you crossed the street 


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Joined: 09/23/2013
I have no need or desire to

I have no need or desire to hold the girls hand. Its not a natural thing for me at all. Its just a part of my physical escalation to go for it at some point.