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I find that this is an issue that I have been dealing with. It has shown when I would give criticism to my bro about trying harder with chicks he would take it as me bashing him.

I wanted your opinions on how to properly give criticism, since it is an ESSENTIAL skill to have as a leader

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I think it depends on how

I think it depends on how certain people respond, there is a different dynamic between all of my friends and I when it comes to criticizing each other. Stubborn people like myself probably won't EVER truly listen to criticism until I figure it out on my own, then I'm like oh he was right!

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I NEVER give out any advice

I NEVER give out any advice to people unless they specifically ask for it. Even close friends. I learned the hard way people will just take it as judgement. Lead by example instead. They will either follow or not. It's not YOUR responsibility.

If they are breaking you or your groups personal boundaries then you can just take them to the side and let them know that isn't acceptable. 'Hey bro, I saw what you were doing there and just wanted to let you know that's not how we do things.' If the same behavior continues then you can start to tool them about it in front of the group, so you've got the power of the whole group against them.

If it's a pre-established mentor/mentoree relationship and you need to provide feedback then you can compliment them and tell them what they did right first. Then let them know what they could improve on.

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Well if he's sagging at life

Well if he's sagging at life then yes you need to prioritise it. It sucks to watch the people you care about descend into a life of.. nothing. Life is all about working hard and making big gains. Life is not supposed to be easy. 

I've gotten pretty damn suave about giving unwarranted advice to buddies. You simply remove any trace of personal gain or personal emotional identification from how you're presenting the information. 

To be honest if a guy can handle it it's MUCH more effective and a shit ton faster to go at it hard. As you and a few other guys on the forum know personally. LOL!! 

But dude if he needs some cold water in the face to shake him out of it then maybe that's what the doctor ordered. The idea is to just get it done


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