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Gonna isolate myself in a few days and listen to the power of now 12 times

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That's right. I'm going to listen to practicing the power of now 12 times on a day where I have NOTHING else to do. No food, no bathroom except the morning piss, and no water. I feel this is the amount/type of immersion I need to really see wtf is going on.

I will report back in a few days. Need to see organize how and when im gonna do this, but I'm gonna do this lol rest assured. 


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Naw you need to be able to

Naw you need to be able to "distract" yourself and/or "keep yourself busy". Otherwise you'll lose concentration. The human brain is designed to become desensitized to any sort of repetitive stimuli. That's why I'm taking the time to hold a mirror up to you so you can see what a big piece of shit you are. So it sticks and you remember. 

To try to listen to it 6 times in a row in a single day is pointless. That shit should take you a week or more. 


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Yo broski,it it seems like

Yo broski,

it it seems like you might be thinking of tolle as a box checking exercise, it really is not. Going about it that way is similar to how out of shape people try and tackle losing weight by "going on a diet". They go raid GNC and whole foods... After a few weeks though they quit and revert back. If they wanted to be healthy they would never diet, they would change their lifestyle permenatly. To me, that's what tolle is, it's about you changing yourself forever.

Also, his messaging is really deep man, so I couldn't imagine listening to it for hours and trying to apply. I've had the most success with taking 30 min chunks at a time. I listen to that same bite 2-3 days in a row, then move onto the next 30 min chunk. Over the course of those couple of days I also spend time really thinking about that 30 min clip and how it applies to me. 

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#hardwork #determination

#hardwork #determination #perseverance #nopainnogain #totalimmersion #powerofnow #theforceawakens #superblystupididea


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TheKing wrote: #hardwork

TheKing wrote:
#hardwork #determination #perseverance #nopainnogain #totalimmersion #powerofnow #theforceawakens #superblystupididea


Yeah mangs I'm not rly sure why you would think this is a good idea. It's not rly how it works.

Just do 20 min each day.... that's it. The rest will follow.