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I met this chic at the bar yesterday and got a solid number. I told her commandingly: “what day are we getting together Friday or Saturday?” She answered Friday. We had a good vibe. When I started texting her she responded ok to my texts. Not sure where to go from here. She was with her friend, and they were both drinking. I got along well with both of them, and was very present and congruent. Any suggestions on how to set up the date?

Me: Anders, crazy norweegian

Her: Hi there, crazy Norwegian! Nice to meet ya.

Me: Yeah. Good stuff : ) I wanted to ask you out, but I’m a little bit to shy (I already asked her out)

Her: You’re not shy, you did ask me out : )

Me: How do you know I’m not shy? I might have just been acting confident : p haha. I’ll text you later this week. Don’t get stuck at Denver International Airport, you’ll miss out (we joked about her being a flight attendant)

Her: It’s the Dubai airport, hehe

Her: I promise not to get stuck in the sand storm

Me: Sand storm? Why would there be a sandstorm in Denver? (didn’t catch the Dubai part)

Her: Remember we told your friends that I’m a flight attendant in Dubai?

Me: Oh. You were a flight attendant IN Dubai, didn’t get that. That’s pretty rad

Her: Noooo, I’m not.

Her: It was a joke

Her: I’m in public relations

Me: I know your in PR. It’s a pretty rad joke. It would be amazing to escape to Dubai though. Lay on the beach and drink cold drinks

Her: Sounds amazing!

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Dude you are obviously chill.

Dude you are obviously chill. Just text her and meet up! She already likes you, anything you can do from here on trying to impress her will send you the other way


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Little bit of

Little bit of miscommunication there..

What was the initial date setup? 


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@Manwhore: I sometimes

@Manwhore: I sometimes intentionally miscommunicate, or "misunderstand" what they are saying, to make it a little interesting. We did not make any plans. After she answered "Friday" for when we are going out, she gave me her number and we immediately switched topic. I haven't spoken to her in 2 days, so it would be great to have something to start off the conversation with. I'm pretty bad at that. I also do not know how to bring up the idea of us going out, since we only talked about it for 30 sec. I'm thinking something along the lines of: "we discussed going out, so I will honor my side of the agreement. Can you meet Friday at 5 for icecream", or some shit like that. Input is highly appreciated : )

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obv. friday has past but, reinitiate texts are a challenge

would a text like this be, interesting/funny or just kinda gay:

It's about that time.  Dubai me a drink later right?