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Got shit tested on age by a girl via text... how to respond?

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Joined: 06/18/2015

Her: It was great to meet you! I am going out of town but when get back I will let you know

Her: Also random but how old are you?My mom and I have a bet going 

Me: Tell your mom she lost the bet. I'm (age). If we were in Vegas Id guess you're the same age as well. Final answer.

Her: Oh you're younger that both my brothers! I'm (age) and I don't date younger but I'm flattered you asked me out!

How the fuck to respond? 

Was thinking (and reading): "Are you worried you won't be able to keep up with me?" 

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I would just be like "why is

I would just be like "why don't you date younger?"

she answers whatever dumb reason

then send her this

then give her a creative suggestion she should have used when bullshitting you (optional)

Joined: 06/18/2015
That's great.. I already

That's great.. I already texted, "Are you worried you won't be able to keep up with me?"  

but if I don't hear back tomorrow will probably  write, 

Me: "But curious: why don't you date younger?"

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That's a great text

That's a great text Applebutt. The 2nd one is fucking terrible. Do NOT cater to a girl's b.s. or shit tests.


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Met up w a chick Sunday who

Met up w a chick Sunday who turned out to be much older than me (she was half black so she looked younger). I never answer that question flat out if I suspect she's screening. Always ask her to guess, give her an exagerated number and change the focus.

Her: Okay now you know my age, what's your age?
Me: I have to be honest with you... I'm 13.
Her: Hahahaha no seriously
Me: (Whisper in her ear) Yeah girl, how does it feel to be with a 13 year old boy right now (As I'm drinking a jack on the rocks)

She really wanted to know and I told her that because she wanted to know too much I was going to hold it over her and not tell her yet. It also helped that I had established a dynamic between us where I was the dominant one and I was directing the interaction.

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tease her about being creepy

tease her about being creepy and even talking to you in the first place. Craft something about her meeting up and kid napping you