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Great section from A New Earth on the Ego & The Present moment

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I've made tons of notes from A New Earth! Here's a section that I think rocks. It sums up so much of life and does so eloquently.  

People that move through life with absolute ease tend to spend most of their time anchored into the present moment. Those that struggle tend to view the present moment through their ego in one of three ways. 

I'm sure you can find an example of each from your friends, peers and family. And it will also expose how you are creating your own conflict in life. External reality is always a reflection of you internal state. 


"Make the present moment your friend by accepting it completely. Because the present moment is inseparable with life, if you resist the present you are resisting life. And it will treat you how you treat it. You must be one with the present moment. 

The ego views the present moment as either a means to an end, an obstacle to overcome or an enemy. 


If you treat the present moment as a means to an end you will always be living for the future. If you see it as an obstacle you will never be happy because new problems and obstacles will always arise. 


Seeing the present moment as an enemy - if you hate what you're doing, complain about your surrounding or curse thing that are happening or have happened, then you are arguing with life. You are making life an enemy and war is what you want and war is what you will get. 


Ask yourself what is your relationship with the present moment. What the questions really means is what is your relationship with life. 


This question is an excellent way of unmasking the ego in you and bringing you into the sate of presence. 

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Or you can bring the ego into

Or you can bring the ego into the present moment with you ;) :


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