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Gregory Bateson’s Double Bind Theory Of Schizophrenia

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I noticed that A LOT of niggas get WEIRD and remind me of schizophrenics after being heavily into pick up. Usually it’s guys from bad homes/severely dysfunctional homes or rough backgrounds. A lot grew up severely bullied, for years on end. Many are also hyper empathetic on one end or mildly autistic or have Aspergers. Upon further inspection and questioning you find that ALL of them have been abused or misused in some way growing up. SOMEONE important in their life, someone responsible for their wellbeing has either betrayed, abused or otherwise forcefully imposed or coerced them repeatedly, consistently and throroughly. Home is bad and they go outside and outside is also bad. The entire environment is ANTI healing. “Normal” people associate socializing with healing, at least unconsciously. A toxic environment is ANTI healing. 

Basically; the mixed messages from what they learn in the community, one teacher saying one thing, another teacher saying other things, thousands of NLP marketing messages, AND to BOOT you’re dealing with high levels of stress in life in general and also by going out. The inevitable, terrible, abuse by women that you run into, going CRAZY trying to understand them and getting triggered over and over and over WILL drive MANY niggas crazy. A lot of guys are coming into this shit half crazy already, with CPTSD and self-loathing, severe anxiety etc etc etc etc 

In fact, there is a theory of Schizophrenia that was coined by a man named Gregory Bateson. The process of his Double Bind Of Schizophrenia is better explained here:


The absolute truth is that you CAN drive someone crazy. It’s totally possible and people do it to each other all the time, consciously. It’s evil and I’m not saying that this goes on in the community. I don’t think it’s done consciously. Guys don’t get driven crazy on purpose. They get marketed to and hypnotized on purpose. They get programmed and conditioned on purpose. That’s just to get them go buy shit though. The side effects don’t only come from the marketing and advertising but from what they are exposed to in the field and in life. 

When life is very toxic, it is full of double binds. The community has a toxic element to it where everything is in the name of getting the girl. At least that’s the place where the most damaged and vulnerable guys come at this from. They come in raw, hurt, bleeding. They enter this shit craving the approval that they never got enough of. They enter not knowing how to give themselves love and all that. They learn some stuff.  They get some hope, follow the advice and get some results and then they are on this hamster wheel trying to get every single girl that crosses their path. This is a recipe for complete and utter disaster. 

When you want approval that badly you get PREYED UPON. That’s a fact of life. Some women smell the aroma of a dying carcass and they will drink it’s last drops of blood to replenish  their own walking, talking, corpse. You get destroyed and eviscerated by women, as you should. This happens to you multiple times. It happens to everyone, but the harshest and most malicious wounds are inflicted on the vulnerable.

Then you go back on the computer, looking for answers. You hear Tyler or some PUA spouting off this optimistic and faux positivity to you. “Everyone is your friend” and “Be non-reactive” (the word non-reactive drives everyone crazy lol) 

And all this fucking shit you can’t relate to. Then you see another video and it’s all about being a hustler and a hard closer, using tactics and outer game, then another one that says to abandon game and just be yourself. Lol.

Then you have things like porn, drugs, bad diet, bad sleep, nobody to confide in etc. Listen, not any ONE thing is soley responsible, but being at least AWARE of this double bind toxicity can help some guys get their mind back, if it’s not already too late. 

This is some nasty business. Neil Strauss warned us in The Game about Tyler Durden. 


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. I’ve never actually read


I’ve never actually read “The Game” what did Strauss say about Tyler?

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No way! You didn’t read The

No way! You didn’t read The Game?!?

Omg bro. Read it. Trust me. 


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Geezez. I read it in a single

Geezez. I read it in a single night back in 2005


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Ive actually never read it

Ive actually never read it either, i just figured it was going to be so littered with outdated and warped shit on PUA ideas of yester-year that it might be counter productive to even waste time with it. I’m traveling this week so ill have to download it and crank it out in the airport. 

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In regards to the mixed

In regards to the mixed messages though, thats one of the biggest downfalls of the community i think. I know that there is an evolution to the teachings, so thats one thing in itself that you cant really be upset about... its been perfected over time. However, the present day instruction varies so much it’s unbelievable. I think most everyone stumbled onto RSD stuff first and just binges through every video that they can get their hands on, products, etc. Some of it is actually productive, but some of it is just poison. 

After getting to learn the real way to do things in this training it shocks me when i go back and watch some of those RSD videos. It’s like they specifically design it knowing that their target audience is generally insecure, lots of mental / emotional baggage, probably some strong inferiority complex in there, etc. And they then put out all of this content that essentially enables said person to think that the years of living their life in this fucked up prison that they have built is ok. And further more that just staying “unreactive” or being “ok with whatever state you find yourself in” is ok... fuck that. That’s like telling a heroin addict that if they just mentally accept that they are a junky and will continue to be, that their life will be better, fuck that. 

The overwhelming theme to me is that many of these companies have realized that if they truly force people to dive into their mental game and fix their fucked up minds, that people will quit and never buy products. People are scared of what’s lingering in their mind and dont want to even begin to try and undue it. Way too lazy and way to scared to fight that fight, so its become a circle jerk of “just love yourself”. If i could find a time machine i would go back 10 years ago and punch myself in the face so i had fast tracked myself and done this shit way sooner