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A guy did an objective review of my Membership program. I like it

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Here's his review:

I've been watching PUA stuff a lot. So it's impressive when there's PUA material that's a breath of fresh air, which is what Manwhore's membership accomplishes.

There's several youtube videos. Topics include physical chemistry (2 vids, 2 topics), shittests, openings, smooth way to get a girls number.

The stuff mentioned above is probably not mind blowing for advanced guys. But 99% of the guys here are not advanced guys, so likely it'll be mind blowing to you. But even if you are intermediate/advanced, there is still value in it. Because they're paradigms that no major PUA company talks about, most intermediates/advanced guys figure out these paradigms themselves. It's nice to see a legit guy who can make our hypothesis and theorys into facts.

And Manwhore is a legit guy, his articles speak for themselves. Anyone whose dedicated a strong amount of time for game, who actually does nitty gritty cold approach game, can recognize the genius in many of his articles.

But I haven't even got to the best parts.

There's a part of his text game, with a playboy model. Great details. Very cool to see all the principles of game I've learned over the years in text form. His style is different from Jeffy's and Max (the only other text stuff I looked up). It expanded my horizons of what you can do in text. Probably going to read it at least 3-4 more times.

Now, the masterpiece of this is the chapter on Sex. It's title " Fear & Arousal: The Quintessential Dichotomy Of Love & Lust:". It is fucking brilliant. I don't want to spoil it. Here's a preview

I show up at my girlfriend’s house in Chinatown. She’s a model/spokeswoman working for Spanish television with a degree in photojournalism. A stamped, certified stunner. I call her, tell her I’m waiting downstairs in front of her building she needs to come down and let me in. She hangs up as she opens her front door, heading out to the elevator. But as she pulls the door back she’s immediately charged in upon by an intruder. He grabs her as he bursts through the door, the bulk of his body slamming it wide open. She shrieks and cries, putting her hands out in a pitiful attempt to try and stop him. But he’s merciless, she’s helpless against him. He puts his hand over her mouth, forcing her sideways then pushing her against the wall. He plants his body against hers, firmly slides one hand down her back side, grabbing a fistful of her ass as his other hand cups her around the back of her neck and pulls her in against him. He kisses her.

“Hi baby.” I say. “I love you.”

Her body stretched taut, freakishly tense, her mind so utterly despairing in the moment, terrified of what is happening. Her protector, her safety, her man seemingly only a few floors below. But apparently not close enough. And then WHOOSH.. she realizes she is safe. That her man has just played a trick on her, toying with her emotions. But she is actually safe in his embrace. He has her, holding her firmly yet tenderly, his body warm and alive against hers.

She breathes a huge sigh of relief, her breath coming out in a half-sob half giggle as she relaxes against me. I feel all this in her body as I cradle it, my arms an iron cage around her. My hands explore and roam over her body before coming to rest on the insides of her elbows. I slowly force her to the floor in front of me. I broke in, I took her, her body is now mine to command.

Or.. is it?

It talks about how girls like it 'rough' and 'dangerous'. Now I've read all the basic shit on Sex and women's pyschology , My Secret Garden, Sperm Wars, 50 shades of gray, twilight, red queen, James Deen porn, got in depth of what my partners really like in bed. Wasn't expecting to deepen my knowledge at all, but it did. Not saying I learned something completely brand new, but went much deeper. What I mean by that, is that I got the "Why" behind the "What" I know about what's arousing to women.

And with the "Why" , Manwhore also gives the "How" to rock your woman's socks in bed. 3 meaty techniques, each grounded with how it played out in a real life example.

I also got some residual value off of it. I watch a lot of infield. Knowing female arousal on a much deeper level, I can see more of what the mPUAs are doing, how they're doing it, and why it's working. Btw, if you've seen RSDMax, The Natural ( best product of 2016 IMO), but the arousal ch is basic/introductory level of principles of arousing the girl in set.

Things I would suggest for future releases:

Manwhore Manifesto

It seems that Manwhore goes by a base set of principles. If you've seen Pimp, Boss, and The Natural, you get to see the underlying manifesto of what's most important to them in Game, and how it manifests infield. Manwhore seems to have his own. A lot of dominance and leading. Not that all other mPUA don't do that, it's just high on their chart of guiding principles. mPUAs vary on their rankings of guiding principles. For example, I don't think Manwhore would rank "Warming up" as high as Tyler would, although they both see the importance of it.

But yeah, I do see certain reoccurring themes in Manwhore's work that occur more than others. I think if he came out with his own Manifesto, then build off of that, he material could be much more effective. He has somewhat of a manifesto on youtube, looking up manwhore 21 convention on youtube.


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I'm not sure why this person

I'm not sure why this person chose to post this review on a subreddit dedicated to sharing free copies of material, but it'll probably get downvoted once the community realizes that there's no free stuff for them.