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Hello guys, I hope you're all doing well!

So I'm in that party last week and I'm pretty high. A buddy's girl comes to make out with me (the guy is ok with it and so am I). Soon, our group's girls are making out and i join them. There's in a corner another buddy's girl, I decide to taste her too. I look at her and I see a shy but deep-inside-naughty girl smiling and looking elsewhere. I suppose she'd be nice. I didn't think much and grab her head and make out with her. Surprisingly enough that girl became perfect to my eyes. I kept control and continued making out with a girl, roaming, grabbing two girls etc. As time passed I kinda became obsessed with the shy one, she was PERFECT! She was constantly throwing shit tests on me but I was drugged so I was answering without a second thought and KILLING IT. I was totally honest about the way I felt and I remember her telling me I was the hottest guy around. It was time to leave her as the party was over.

I feel so depressed that I left her but I was almost handling it (searching for/using drugs or alcohol since then) cause I was gonna see her tomorrow. I talk to my buddy whose girl she was and he tells me she's mine since I want her that bad. He also tells me she's not gonna show up tomorrow cause she'll be dancing in a show in another city. That one stroke me so bad.

I decide to add her on FB and see what I can do. Here's the convo:

10:55 Me: Hey beautyyyy why do I learn that you're not attending the party?
[I change chat colour to pink lol]

12:00 [She accepts my friend request then logs out]

12:40 Her: Yeah fuuuck I got to attend the show on Sunday
Drink a bottle for me too :D

12:40 Me: You're putting on a show every day, same again?
Of couuurse we'll drink
But what about I wanna see you?

12:42 Her: That one.... I don't know

12:43 Me: Go to sleep

12:43 Her: Either way you're constantly coming to my city

12:43 Me: You'll wake up somewhere else ;)

12:44 Her: That one was for me to ask where?
And you reply "there"?

12:44 Me: Hahaha no, not that childish level

12:44 Her: Hahahahahaahahaha

12:49 Me: [I send a gif with a guy dancing like crazy]
I'll come down there and act like this

12:53 Her: Down where??
Ooh you mean the party you're going to

12:53 Me: Haha no I mean the place you'll be doing your magic

12:55 Her: I'm looking forward to the next party to be like this
[Sends a Gif with a stickman headbanging]
[Changes two chat colours]

12:57 Me: Why would you change it, I had picked such an optimistic colour hahaha
[I change it to purple]
Take it

1:00 Her: Ohh yeah it was a very erotic little colour ;)

1:03 Me: Now that you see it again, for sure haha
Cancel that
[I finally change it to pink]
Now you see it again

1:06 Her: Fine if you like pinky that much we keep it!

1:09: Me: [sending a Gif with a guy saying: It's about damn time]
Goddamn spaghetti
You're not here to do this right...

1:11 Her: Ohhh I'm not to be put into kitchens baby :P

1:14 Me: Cooome on did you think you were gonna do this without a reward?

1:17 Her: Nice motive
Kidding :P
I'm going to sleep
Have so much fun in the party beautieeeeees

1:18 Me: Mm I wouldn't call it "so much fun" but if you surprise me...
Nighties my gorgeouuuuus

That was it. My questions are:
She's clearly higher value than me, are there chances she'll be mine?
Why do I always need drugs/alcohol so that I can game? (Conversationally i kinda suck anyways, physically I can handle it when high)

Thanks in advance, any help appreciated, sorry for the shitty written text, I'm posting from phone and couldn't edit this.


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Shoulda struck while the iron

Shoulda struck while the iron was hot, mang. Over and over again. Till the end. Then do it all night long.

So understand first of all this is a matter of not handling it right in the first place. You grabbed her and kissed her, and failed to do anything with that. That's on you, and she's free to judge you for that. And believe me, if she's a woman of any calibre she probably did a little bit. 

That being said she was attracted and is invested. But you're acting a tiny bit desperate. Ease off on that a little bit while still pushing for the meetup. Assume it. You're going to give her an amazing experience and fun time. And she'll probably get some dick out of it. Of course y'all are going to hang out! It's just a matter of making it happen. 


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Truth is

Truth is I'd barely function at that time lol. But yeah I think you're right, If it was possible back then, it would be the best. I got a lottle physical tho, opening her legs while she was sitting and making out with me then dragged her on me and had that cute reaction of her pushing me away lol. Of course when I thought of the shame of "malfuction" I easily gave up haha.

I can say, your point of view is so satisfying, it's where my mind seemed to go as I'm calming down but you really cleared things up for me. I now see it way more optimistic.

Thanks a lot for your time man! Cheers!

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She was attracted to you so

She was attracted to you so of course you've got a chance my man. Play it cool