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Yo guys,

Lonnnnnng time lurker. More for the self-development side of things than the banging multiple chicks a week side of thing at the moment.

Quick question for you more senior guys...

I have a girl I've been with for 6 months ish now. Super hot. I obviously expect she'll get hit on and I dont say anything if she does. However the same guy has hit her up twice now on facebook trying to move things forward with her. She's shut him down and this guy has zero game anyway, (and is nothing short of ugly for what its worth). But i'm wondering would you guys say anything to this dude or does that look weird? Should i say something to her?

Cheers guys

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You just want to ignore. Are

You just want to ignore. Are you checking her Facebook or something? Isn't she pretty forthcoming about this whole thing


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