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Hardcore Muslim Virgin w/ Beta Mindset joins MW's Coaching Program

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I want to start this review off by saying “Manwhore’s Coaching Program” changed my life. That’s not an understatement.

I started off like many of you (or maybe not..who the fuck knows) and enrolled in the program because I thought if I could just get this ‘one girl’ all my problem would be solved. She’s sweet, nice, beautiful, and I’m her best friend! I’m so close Manwhore! Isn’t she great? This girl could complete me and I’d be free of pussy for the rest of my life. I’d be able to interact w/ girls freely and be a social badass because “Hey!” I already am getting laid.



oh man lol wow hahaah…





Fuck no.

But first, a little bit about me going into the program. I was raised a hardcore muslim virgin w/ a complete beta mindset towards women. I never had any problems making friends and was for sure not a social outcast. My issue was being this ‘pansy’ that no one respected. Everyone loved me, laughed with me and I had a great social circle. However, when it came to making decisions and getting pussy, it was always these few guys. These guys projected this aura of badassness that I couldn’t fathom….I thought they were assholes. BOO! It took me years to realize that being a people pleaser to everybody wasn’t working. On a whim, and a review from a mentor, I decided to take MW’s coaching to see what would happen.

ENTER THE COACHING….for lack of a cooler phrase

The program started with an overall analysis of my mindset. Manwhore is really good about this. He really takes the effort to see how you’re feeling not just about women but about yourself and the life you want to live. It’s at your level where he starts to work with you. After our first call, he immediately sent me links to read up on so that I could get a deep understanding of the dynamics at play within myself and the outside world. In fact, after every call he sends you a review of what you need to work on and links and resources to help you get through it. The juiciest part about all of it is…the verbal drills……………excuse me while I cum….and not in my hand mutherfuckers…. ;)

The drills are tailored for you so that you can practice on what aspect of a social interaction you’re missing out on. Running out of things to say? There’s a drill for it. Escalation? There’s a drill for it. Inner game? There’s a drill for it. And my personal favorite, text game. :D

The program is worth it just for the drills but MW goes above and beyond. He talks to you like a friend and mentor every week for an undivided 1hr. You have complete access to him throughout your months of coaching. He supports you, shares in your excitement, and kicks you when you’re down but that’s so you can man up and get back up on your own two feet :p. You leave every session feeling like a million bucks and ready to take on all the pussy with your sword of a cock.

The only catch is, you have to be willing to work. Whatever he says, trust it, and do it. If you have to approach, fucking approach. If you have to text, sext, whatever, fucking do it. He won’t let you down as long as you don’t let yourself down. The transformation in your social skills, inner beliefs, and pimping you will make in these few short months with MW are life changing. I remember crying not too long ago because of the sheer joy of what I had accomplished.

It made it all the more sweeter knowing I came from rags and had achieved riches.

As for my ‘oneitis’, she blew me off, it hurt, but I was way better off. I gamed so many other girls, lost my virginity to a 24-yr old smoking hot med-school student/yoga teacher (I’m 18yr old btw), consistently convert cold-approaches & online dating matches to insta-dates, numbers, and then lays. YAY! J I can dictate a social setting and make higher quality friends that respect me anywhere I go. I’m a social leader and much to my surprise, dynamite in bed. Well, not really a surprise there. ;)

Manwhore and I went through a lot; from screaming to laughing to discussing philosophical’s all there. It’s thanks to it all that I’m not the same person I was when I started. Geez, I wish I had a comparison of what I was like so you guys could cringe along with me. But I’m happier for it.

Do the program fellas, it’s money and time well spent.


Super Special Spectacular Lay Report

I’m throwing in my lay report (24yrold yoga med school hottie) using the drills you learn from the program.

One day, I’m doing my normal bartending duties when 3 hot chicks walk over to buy a drink. As I was serving them, I busted out into the state-drill and noun-drill naturally. The interaction was maybe 3min tops but I talked to all of them equally and joked around w them feeding solely off those two drills. As the night went on, I got them each a free tequila shot cuz y not...bitches love tequila. I used this opportunity to seed some investment w/ target Yoga hottie by saying we're gonna beat all these lame ass people at beer pong.


She was on board.


While she pranced off, I used this time to game her two friends and seeded another idea of all of us grabbing food afterwards and then to another nightclub.


They were down too. Oh silly gazelles…they’re dancing with a lion.


Later on the night, I got off work early and played the promised game of beer pong with target Yoga hottie. What really got this girl turned on was the fact that not only was I sinking every shot, I was a social hub. I was leading her, talking to others while playing, and shit talking the other team. Just picture your typical frat star and then correlate that to a guy that looks like he’s affiliated with multiple terrorist organizations. Sexy amirite? Remebering what MW told me, (“ESCALATE!”) I escalated on target yoga hottie throughout the game through fun dancing, thumb wars, hand on the lower back type shit...asexual escalation basically. We’re demonstrating dominance in a super fun, nonjudgmental manner which eventually leads to nonjudgmental sex. Hooray!


After we win, I get her and her friends and lead them to a place to eat. I used the date planner drill and painted a fun picture in their minds about where we were going to go. Worked like a charm. At this point, I notice my girl is starting to escalate on me a bit by giving me massages. Sweet.


As we walk to get food, I keep them all engaged by mentioning the fact that idk any of their names lol. I start calling them by whatever shit I see on the street like "pharmacy", "supermarket", or "stop sign". They love it. We eat and then bounce to the club. Before we go inside the club, I busted into a conviction drill about my travels and family and my girl is super do I know? Trust me..I know. I can smell it mwahaha. I immediately start dancing with my girl hard and we start making out hot and heavy. I quickly tell her that we're going to go but she said no. I realized that she needed to get turned up a bit more....I can do that . I brought out my A-game salsa and we danced for almost an hour. Her friends left beforehand and then I brought it up again...”Let's go”. She said yes...hallelujah! I quickly realized I didn't have a condom...oh no. So I ran to a buddy of mine who happened to be at the club. I borrowed a condom and we were on our way. What else are friends for?


I kept the vibe very chill while holding hands with my girl while we walked to my place. As we were about to get inside, the shit tests really started to rain down. Inevitable. She asked me what her name was....(fuck! Of all things). I laughed it off but she was not happy. She started to get mad so I softly explained that I wanted to know her name, she gave me her name and I looked her dead-pan in the eye and said "I'll never forget your name". 


We get inside and I immediately pounce on her and the sex begins...yay! Halfway through the condom broke (damn me and my gargantuan penis) and she felt uncomfortable so she didn't want to have sex anymore. I saw the look of worry on her face and I immediately shifted frame. I got my clothes on, smiled, and said "Don't worry about it.". She started asking me if I was ok and if I was sure. I was. I walked her back to her place and peaced out. It didn’t matter that much to me. I was happy that I had finally conquered my virginity. As I am now, I could’ve convinced her to go raw or anal but we live in the here and now gentlemen.


Let's just say I danced the way home and that lingering taste of gazelle meat was oh so delicious :)

Oh and I forgot her name....whoops 

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Lmao you forgot her name

Lmao you forgot her name hahahaha. That was super fun to read man, I can really tell you have some wind in your sails! Congrats!

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Yeeeaaaaaaahhh!! ;-)

Yeeeaaaaaaahhh!! ;-)

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great review, thanks for

great review, thanks for writing it up. And congrats on the changes. Great job.

You mentioned you work as a bartender and already being social and fun. How did your working environment change since the coaching? How is the difference regarding your boss, coworkers and customers?


It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great (MW)
I don’t care if she thinks we’re meeting up for a tea party, we’z gonna bang. (MW)
Pick Your Own Damn Sacrifice (Jordan Peterson)

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Thanks again! SO MUCH MORE

Thanks again!


My co-workers, ALL-FEMALE lol.

The way I began handling them, physically playing with them, joking around with them etc. Radically changed.

When they would see me flirting with customers and just overrall being a fun entertaining prescence, their perception changed. Dude I practically ended up being a promoter behind the bar lol.

Customers would come just to talk to me lol. When your bosses and co-workers see that...lemme tell you. MAD RESPECT. I even missed a shift one day (not on purpose), which normally would be a justified dismissal but my female co-workers rallied against my boss lol and convinced him that it wasn't my fault.

When people love and respect you because of the feelings you give them and the value you provide, they will go FAR to keep you around and happy.

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ty ty :)

ty ty :)

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
:D :D

:D :D