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"Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die."

Hating hurts you in two ways that I will discuss in a moment.  Hatin is every negative judgment that you make about another person because you're *envious* of them because they have something you want (looks, girl, money, status, job, wealth, success, etc), but sometimes "negative" judgments can be helpful and I'll get to that at the end.  At the basic level its because you're trying to make yourself feel better about an insecurity of yours.  It doesn't matter if they didn't "earn" their position or if they did something unethical to get there, hatin on them does nothing but bring you down.  If they have what you want, then they've done something right, and instead of hatin you should learn what they did and see if you can apply it to your life.

Hatin hurts you:

1.  You will *never* have what they have if you hate on them.  Negative judgment towards the person or situation tells your brain that what they have is bad and associates negative feelings with the object of your envy.  Your brain will then steer you away from the source of the negativity.  This is the potential downside of the law of attraction.

2.  If you hate out loud around someone who is a positive, successful person, someone who "gets it," they will make a mental note of your judgment.  They will still be nice to you and such if you see each other often, but you are forever excluded from the "inner circle."  You won't know it at the time (I only learned the hard way).  They won't invite you to their events and definitely will avoid doing business with you. 

"Negative" judgment can be beneficial at times when you understand the source of your feelings.  In the wee hours of the mornin I was at a dive bar in Las Vegas and a group of about 7 came in and sat at the 4 bar stools on my left.  Instantly I felt that their vibe was incredibly negative, simmering and tense.  There were two open stools to my right so I moved over to give them more room.  Even after they got their drinks their vibe was still the same.  I got up and went to the bathroom.  When I came back out I walked around to the other side rectangular bar.  A guy who the large group knew walked in and sat down on the other side.  Some guys in the group started yelling across the bar to the guy who walked in by himself.  A minute later I turned and walked over to small bar (inside of the main room there is a big rectangular bar and a small bar).

Shortly thereafter the new guy walked around the bar to the large group and a brawl broke out at the barstool I had been sitting in 5min before!

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Nice post man This made me

Nice post man

This made me realize that the biggest shift I've had in the past year is I do not hate on people for winning. It is just something that doesn't register in my head anymore, if someone is seeing success I want to get close enough to them to learn whats up. At the same time I don't compare myself either, I borrow bits and pieces and see what I can do on my own. Feels good!

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People seem to draw similar

People seem to draw similar ferequencies of consciousness, or expression. Synchroncities occur, which to me is like our will being guided.

I think life gives you clues, and whether it's some kind of higher or non-local consciousness or whatever the quantum terminology would be, or God if you prefer, I feel like it can make things happen for you if you conduct yourself truly towards those goals.

And if you are - lets call it maybe driven and/or committed as opposed to positive - then I think you'll be presented with the opportunities to fulfill whatever you like. 

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Well said  good point,

Well said 

good point, positivity and drive need to be balanced to move forward. I've met a lot of people that are positive as hell, but don't listen to the clues around them that are telling them they can achieve even more and push themselves even further. Me on the other hand, I tend to not reward myself enough for small victories, which is somewhat worse lol! never satisfied... :p

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You're definitely connected

You're definitely connected with your intuition.  Big groups like that the energy is always pretty strong, but you can still overpower it.  If you have to, act like it's not even there.  Practice with smaller groups or individuals at first - pretend like there's something else way more interesting and you don't even notice the negativity.  They either feel stupid and focus somewhere else, or forget entirely what they were on about.  You can do this without even interacting with them - your presence energy overcomes everything.  Deepak Chopra was talking about how you can tell when you walk into a room and can feel a negative vibe - he doesn't feel it anymore, his energy completely changes everything around him.


This is completely unrelated to this thread in any way - posting here because posting it somewhere else will hurt people's feelings:  Unconsciuos people controlled by their mind have no idea they're creating their own stress and anxiety with their thoughts.

Meditation sounds like it would help, but unfortunately it won't have much of a difference for ego/mind controlled people.  as soon as they finish meditating, they'll just get up and go right back into the old faulty thinking.

What they need is a complete change in their thinking, and something WORTHWHILE & FULFILLING (to them, not someone else) to do in life.  This is why Mindset is key.  Socially conditioned unconscious people think hard work and willpower are the keys, but end up crashing over and over and can't figure it out.

Mindset is just about small shifts in different parts of your thinking that add up to a big result.  (stop focusing on negatives - find the benefit.  Stop thinking about things that don't help - nothing stands still.  don't rush - relax.  don't work hard and push - move forward when it feels right.  etc.).  /rantover

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as to why

ya exactly because the resentment will prevent the person from taking action to fix their issue