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Have Feelings for a Girl From Class (Get Hot and Cold from Her)

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Hi all,

Over the several months I've grown attracted to a girl I've had interactions with in class.

I consider myself very good with women both Tinder wise and night wise but I am having a very hard time gauging this one.

Anyways last semester she was the one who initially reached out to me wanting to meet me sometime to discuss our differing views. Things eventually progressed to chatting on and off again on Facebook which gradually grew more intense. She eventually suggested What’s App. Since then there has been some light flirting and what not but not much discussion of anything personal or anyway to bring it to the next level.

However, when chatting she hasn’t done much contacting me-it’s mostly me driving the conservation there. And I haven’t seen a whole lot of her outside of class. Mainly because she hangs out with a close knit group of friends where she lives-mostly other girls or gay guys.

Recently she broke up with her boyfriend and she's mentioned it to me a couple of times both on and offline

Then again I was drunk one night and kept repeatedly winking at her and she seemed somewhat annoyed with me.

Then again she's somewhat flirtious again and appears to find me cute/endearing in interactions after this (esp. group /class interactions) both on and offline

However, I find her body language hard to gauge also- very hot or cold in person as well. Sometimes she seems almost dismissive of me and sometimes it's almost full on playful flirtious.

Also in my in-person interactions with her I dectect tension often but sometimes it's just plain hard to tell.

So is she interested in me? Or am I friendzoned?

 How can I rely that I’m interested in her without it blowing up in my face or pissing her off? I’ve never had to navigate something this intimate before in terms of how I know a woman-which is from class.

Personally I was just thinking of telling her how I feel? Good or bad idea?

Also I think she could still have feelings for her BF. Then again it seems like she's talking alot of steps to move on from him so who knows. Thank you in advance for your insight!

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I’ll let some of the more

I’ll let some of the more advanced guys really diagnose and give you appropriate feedback, but there are some big time things jumping out to me here broski.

-all of that stuff about her body language being hard to read or her being hot and cold. She has zero responsibility to show interest in you. She’s a newly single, I’m assuming hot chick in college. She can go out on any given night and get attention / validation from anyone... she’s does not owe you a damn thing bro. It’s on you to initiate and make that happen, not her 

-based on what you posted it makes it seem that you are only really showing intent when you are drunk and kind of doing it in a really childish way with the chain winking. 

Maybe be the other guys would disagree, but my 2 cents is just out of the blue telling her how you feel is your fast track to awkward vile. Show your intent by being a man, leading, and seeing where it goes. You need to be confident in yourself and know that you chose her, not her choosing you. 

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This isn't a direct stab on

This isn't a direct stab on you so don't take it that way or the wrong way lol but you're not even in the game at this point. It's the other way around. She's gaming you. It should be vice versa. You're in the palm of her hands right now and she really couldn't give two shits about you or your advances. They aren't masculine or sex worthy in the slightest. I.e. Winking at her when you two are drunk repeatedly? That's weak and totally telegraphs you're too afraid to talk to her and actually make a move. Yeah I'll wink at girls and it's a fun way to flirt but c'mon man, that can't be all you do. When a girl breaks up with her boyfriend she's looking to get some new dick to fill that void in her life and her telling you she "just" broke up is code for "I'm available and welcoming all advances". You need to get proactive, stop worrying about if she likes you or not, and start making advances. You already have her number ya?

1)Read these articles ^

2)Start texting her and get her out on a date. The above two articles will help with that.

That's really all we can help you with for now. How much experience do you have with women and sex? Good luck :)

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^ Awesome.

^ Awesome.


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While you’re trying to decode

While you’re trying to decode body language, you’re missing other more important signs lol.

In my opinion, you should lay off Tinder for now and only work real life interactions. Try to fuck every girl you find appealing. Notice I didn’t say try to Game every girl you find appealing. I said try to fuck.